Tons of Lazy Elf on the Shelf Ideas for 2021

Need a last-minute Elf on the Shelf Idea? My kids love it when Santa sends our Elf to our house during the holiday season! They always look forward to waking up in the morning to see where they might see our magic elf when he returns from the north pole!   Will he turn up in the bathroom? On the counter? Will he turn up with gifts?  After a few days of moving, the Elf can become a daunting task for mom or dad.   If it’s late and you need easy Elf on the shelf ideas, you’re in the right spot! 

I have been moving our Elf on the shelf from December 1st through Christmas Eve for seven years.  If you require new elf setups that are EASY, you’re in the right spot!  Here is my list of lazy mom or lazy dad elf on the shelf ideas to help give you some inspiration!

A few Elf on the Shelf Tips

1. Purchase some sticky tac, and stick it on the back of the Elf’s head.  This will help you attach the Elf to places around the house.

2. Place the Elf in places where your kids can’t reach.  It makes it so much easier if your elf setups don’t get in the way of your day-to-day life.

3. The Elf shouldn’t make a big mess.  If your Elf is making a flour angel or you are making a set up with marshmallows, lay out parchment paper first for easy cleanup

4. The Elf shouldn’t bring gifts- This is my personal opinion, but kids these days get so much this time of year. I don’t have my Elf bring gifts to the kids besides a cereal box or a candy cane.

5. Use items you already have around the house.  Use your kid’s toys, family photos, toilet paper rolls, tissue, sprinkles, straws, a blanket, toothpaste, a jar, or other household items.  There is no need to go out and buy a bunch of stuff for your setups.

I will add more setups to this post as the years go on!

I must admit that our Elf has been a lazy elf for the past few years.  We have many nights where we stick him on a high surface, like the refrigerator, on top of the sink, or the wall over the couch. But I do like to put in effort every third day or so.  There are many fun setups you can create even with minimal effort.

Lazy Elf on the Shelf Set-Ups

  1. Christmas Tree and Chair Made from Mega Blocks

2. Hanging out with some Christmas bows

3. Sitting with Olaf

4. Camping out under a book

5. Napping in toys

6. Elf sharing an Elf Joke- the kids like these.

7. Elf Cookies  

8. Elf covered in Christmas stickers

9. Paper Towel Snowman

10. Watching through binoculars.

11. Marshmallow Bath

12.  Hanging out with baby Jesus and stable animals.

13. Sharing a sweet drink with Mickey Mouse

14. Sprinkle Snow Angel  ( for easy cleanup, make this on parchment paper)

15. Elf Reindeer Cookies

16. Popping through Rice Krispies


17.  Locked in a candy jar

18. Elf Hot Chocolate

19. The Elf drew mustaches on the boys with a dry erase marker

20. Drinking fresh orange juice.

21. Hanging out in the ceiling fan

22. Wearing my sons’ snow boots with paper towel gloves and scarf

23. Wearing our Harry Potter costume

24. Hanging out in a cup in the cupboard

25. It hangs from a hanger, hanging down from a light fixture.

26. Cleaning teeth with Crocodile Dentist 


28. Sprinkle Bath

29. Elf looking in a box of cereal

30. Warming up with a piece of toast

31. Elf makes up a game for the kids.

32. Elf is locked outside!

33. Dressed up as Rudolph

34. Hanging around in underwear.  ( my kids love this one)

35. Our Elf is using Christmas ornaments as a prop.

36. Poofy Ball Ball Pit.

37. Hanging out in the advent chains.

38.  Wrapped up in a tin foil Hershey Kiss

39. Elf is bringing breakfast for the kids!

40. Elf is acting silly in toilet paper rolls.

41. Caught in the Instant Pot Trivet

Cooking with chips

Elf is in our hamster ball

hanging up with the Christmas cards

I will love to see photos if you use these Elf Setups!  Please tag me on social media and see the Elf on the Shelf setups you made!  I am on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tiktok.  Merry Christmas!  Christmastime is my favorite time of the year!



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