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Buttermilk Pumpkin Biscuits and Gravy

by Kristen

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There are five of us in my family: my husband Greg, myself, and our three sons. With everything going on this year, I can certainly say that we have been breaking bread at our dining room table together a lot, and sitting around the table with my family is probably my favorite place to be. All of us have different tastes in food. My youngest son loves anything with pickles and olives; my middle son loves adding cheese to almost all of his food. My oldest son is probably my best eater but usually stays away from tomatoes. Although they all have different favorite foods, one statement in our home is universally true: It is always appropriate to eat breakfast for dinner.

I always keep the essential breakfast ingredients on hand—sausage, bread, eggs, butter, and of course, milk.

Milk might be the one item I buy the most. We go through easily three gallons of milk each week in our house. In addition to serving our kids a glass of milk each night at dinner, I also eat it with cereal and oatmeal and make polenta out of it. I make homemade macaroni and cheese with milk, and I add it to baked goods and make creamy sauces and soups. Of course, it always makes an appearance when we eat breakfast for dinner.

Here in Dubuque County, we have a lot of dairy farms. We have a dairy farm we can see from our backyard, and we pass by a dairy farm every day on our way to school. My kids love seeing cows. Drinking milk means supporting our economy here in the midwest, and it is important as it is tasty. 🙂 U.S. dairy is committed to increasing what it means to be environmentally responsible in the dairy industry.

These buttermilk pumpkin biscuits and gravy call for two different kinds of milk. The buttermilk pumpkin biscuits call for buttermilk, and this delicious sausage gravy calls for 2 cups of whole milk. Both cook up in no time.

I picked up this milk when I went shopping at Hy-vee.

Two out of my three kids are small for their age, and I like filling them up with as many dense nutrients as possible! I have noticed that foods like milk fill up my kids longer and keep them from snacking on empty calories. Vitamin A, vitamin D, and protein are all essential for a healthy immune function and are all found in milk. Dairy foods are linked to health benefits like reduced inflammation, improved digestive health, and healthy immune systems.

I encourage you to fill your fridge and freezers with dairy products this winter to give your family the nutrition they need. Click below to purchase the ingredients needed for today’s recipe!

October was #farmtoschool month, and I think there is no better way to celebrate than to send your kids to school with a nourishing breakfast in their bellies!

These buttermilk biscuits and gravy were a huge hit with my family and a festive way to switch up classic biscuits and gravy for autumn. Sausage gravy has a short ingredient list and is super easy to throw together. These buttermilk pumpkin biscuits cook up in the oven in just 10 minutes and can easily be reheated the next day.

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These buttermilk pumpkin biscuits and gravy are the perfect meal to serve your family to celebrate the season. I love biscuits and gravy for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! Don’t forget to stock up on all of your favorite dairy products!


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