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100 Enriching Activities for Kids

by Kristen

I don’t think I need to explain why I am writing this post right now.  Summer camps have been canceled, pools are closed, I pulled my kids out of baseball this summer because people don’t know how to wear masks in public, and Target is totally wiped out of ” summer fun items” ( bubbles, sidewalk chalk, baby pools, sprinklers, etc.).  Although I am sure my kids are getting more screen time than average, I don’t want screen time to be their preferred activity or the norm.

Here are 100 enriching activities that will help your family cope with this new normal.

Write letters to friends and family

Build a Lego City

Discover how your town used to look. on Whatwasthere.com 

Have relay races around a local track.

Make Homemade Tortilla Chips 

Start a journal

Make Butter

Paint with watercolors.

Make Homemade popsicles

Connect with family members over zoom or google hangout.

Play Family Feud with relatives over zoom- you can find free questions here.

Make Garden Markers

Make paper airplanes

Sort and Count Coins.  Play math games with them, learn how to hand out change.

Learn how to type

Learn to write in cursive

Have your kids help you meal plan

Try an engineering challenge, using paper.

Brainstorm some random acts of kindness, and do them!

Color maps of the world.

Play some free online spelling games!

Check out JK Rowling’s new activity site. Harry Potter at home. 

 Do a virtual escape room.

Do a free workout! 

Research your Geneology

Go on a virtual Disney Ride!

Create a chalk city.

Have a tea party and practice table manners.

Learn first aid

Learn how to edit photos

Try an online yoga class

Learn how to make vegetable broth

Learn how to fold towels

Create music in the Chrome Music Lab

Wash the car

Let your imaginations run wild with a cardboard box!

Learn how to calculate a tip.

Discover new places on google maps. 

Make a recipe from America’s test kitchen.

Listen to the new America’s test kitchen podcast for kids.

Listen to music from each decade and analyze it.

Sort out all the books in the house and organize them

Do Madlibs or download the Madlibs app for free ones!

Jigsaw puzzles

Create your own board game

Make an obstacle course

Create a ramp for cars

Camp in the backyard

Learn how to play chess

Learn how to play bridge

Create a homemade Pictionary game

Make a time capsule

Make a sundial

Watch Alton Brown’s quarantine cooking videos

Plant herbs, flowers, or vegetables

Paint rocks

Make homemade pasta 

Go on a walk.

Visit all the little libraries in your area. Donate some old books and get some new ones.

Fly a kite

Try Mud Painting

Pull weeds outside

Play educational board games

Listen to the kid’s podcast, But Why?

Watch a nature documentary.  ( We loved Disney’s elephants)

Make a quarantine scrapbook.

Play with playdough, or make your playdough.

Find an art project tutorial on Youtube for kids.

Take a video of yourself reading a book, share it with a younger cousin or friend.

Make a card for a health care worker.

Teach your kids how to be financially literate 

Take a walk and pick up trash.

Read a novel out loud as a family.

Create a word search, maze, or connect the dots.

Play Sudoku

Make a solar oven 

Watch a historical movie 

Do Push-ups, sit-ups, arm circles, and jumping jacks.

Practice Public Speaking

Write poetry and take a poetry course online. 

Learn about animals on National geographic kids.

Squirt Gun Target Practice 

Make Giant Bubbles!

Play bean bags

Make homemade cards

Go fishing

Check out some Montessori Science Experiments.

Play detective

Run through the sprinkler!

Make friendship bracelets

Make Smoothies

Clean out your closet

Have a puppet show

Make applesauce! 

Make chocolate-covered pretzels

Learn how to. make stovetop popcorn

Make fruit dip!

Make a giant tic tac toe game.

Compare/Contrast a book and the book’s movie ( here is a list of books that have been turned into films)

Play games and learn about longitude and latitude with a globe.


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