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Top 10 Recipes 0f 2019

by Kristen

Happy New Year!  Thanks for visiting to view all of my recipes, old and new this year!  I literally couldn’t be what I am doing without you!  Thank you for letting me into your kitchen.  I truly hope your family enjoys my recipes as much as I do!

In the midst of 2019, Greg and I sold our house in Cedar Falls and moved to Dubuque.  Dubuque is the city where we met and fell in love so it is great to be back after 15 years.  We have been getting our kids accustomed to their new schools, running into old friends from college and loving our simple, but fulfilling life out here in Iowa!

Here are your favorite recipes for 2019!

10. Sweet Baked Beans Chili 

9. Greek Chicken Chili 

8. Roasted Broccoli Salad 

7. Blueberry-Lemon Broccoli Salad 

6. Instant Pot Minestrone Soup 

5. Thai Basil Egg Roll in a Bowl 

4. Hot Beef Sundaes 

3. Pasta e Fagioli Soup 

2. Southwestern Egg Roll in a Bowl 

  1. Parmesan Cheese Sauce 

I currently have many new recipes in the works for 2020!  Happy New Year!


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