Five Lazy Parent Valentines Ideas from ALDI

This post is not sponsored.  I just like Aldi. 🙂 

Here I am, 9.5 years into motherhood, and I have become a complete scrooge when it comes to kid’s celebrations and unnecessary excess.   Before I start on these 5 easy Valentine’s ideas, I want to tell you things I don’t do anymore.

  1. I don’t buy plastic junk for my kids.
  2. I don’t give a bag of junky candy out for Halloween or Valentine’s Day.
  3. I don’t buy a bunch of plastic decorations for parties.
  4. I don’t give out plastic junk for prizes in goody bags or Valentine’s Day.
  5. I don’t set up any Elf on the Shelf scenes that require buying anything.

See?  Complete Scrooge here.   Here’s why.

  1. All that plastic junk gets thrown out within days.
  2. I know several parents who just throw away their kids’ candy.
  3. A bunch of plastic decorations get thrown out and take up too much time.
  4. I know that plastic junk in goody bags will get thrown away at my kid’s friends’ houses.
  5. There are a lot of ways to celebrate without all this.

Here is what I DO like to give away. 

Snacks. Snacks that kids think are fun.  Snacks that parents will let their kids eat.  Snacks that won’t get thrown away.  I do give candy. I will give you a small piece of chocolate or something small.

Since I love Aldi, I will share with you five easy Valentine’s day ideas that are cheap, easy, and your kids can make themselves and don’t involve a fancy “printable.” Although you can make one, or attach a simple Valentine card to these too.

1. Fruit Leather Valentines – A simple and delicious treat that both parents and kids enjoy.  

2. Fruit Snack Valentine

3. Valentine with small- high-quality chocolate.

4.  Bear Cookies Valentines

5. Raisin Valentines – probably best for younger kids.

2021 calls for taking a step back and not stressing out about ” Pinterest Worthy” things for our kids.  I hope this round up makes life just a little easier for you this year!







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