Cucumber Blackberry Water- and Celebrating National Donut Day

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This last season has been long and hard.  First world hard, of course.   My husband has gotten a new job and has been working in our new town since January, while I stayed back to finish up the school year with our kids.  This means that I was basically a single parent to our three sons during the week.   Also, we had a hard, long winter here in Northern Iowa.  We had 12 snow days and had 6 inches of ice caking our streets for months.   It also took us four months of looking at homes in our new town to find the right one.  And we also put our home up for sale, kept it clean and sold it with three little kids in the house.

But here we are, almost on the other side of it all.  Our house is sold, and by the end of the week our family will be together again in our new home, in our new town, and summer will finally be in full swing.   I can’t think of anything else but celebrating the end of this long, long season.

Did you know that June 7th is National Donut Day?  And I know how I will be celebrating.  With Entenmann’s donuts of course!  Right now,  Entenmann’s is looking for the next donut flavor, and they need YOUR help!

From May 20 – June 14, 2019, donut lovers can enter the Entenmann’s Fan Flavor Challenge & Sweepstakes at Entenmanns Fan Flavor Challenge for a chance to win exciting prizes, including having their donut made during the 2019 holiday season, $5,000 and a year’s supply of donuts.

To enter, simply use the online “Flavor Maker” to choose your base, flavor, glaze, and topping, and then provide a creative name for your original creation along with a summary describing why you are an Entenmann’s donut fan. Each submission (“Challenge Entry”) will be reviewed based on passion, creativity, and originality by a qualified panel of judges.

After you complete the entry, you have the chance to share your original creation on social media to receive one Sweepstakes Entry in a random drawing for a chance to win the sweepstakes grand prize: $1,000!

Because I always enjoy fruit water with my afternoon or morning treats, I decided to whip up this delicious cucumber berry water to accompany our donuts!  All you do is add four slices of cucumber, four fresh raspberries, about four fresh blueberries and some ice to a glass of water.  It is delicious and the perfect way to celebrate National Donut Day and the ideal way to kick off summer!

For more information about Entenmann’s Fan Flavor Challenge & Sweepstakes and official rules, visit


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