After school car snack station


I have a few ” mom confessions” for you today.

1) The back of my minivan is like the wild west.  Like, I don’t know everything or anything that is back there.  I almost don’t even want to know.

2) I shamelessly pay my kids to pick up wrappers from the back of this said minivan.  Whenever they complain to me about wanting money to buy something, I say.  ” Pick up the wrappers from the back of the van.”  I offer them 10 cents per wrapper picked up, and most of the time, this isn’t enough motivation for them to do it.

3) My kids often are ” hangry” when I pick them up from school.  It’s amazing how they sweetly tell their teacher’s good-bye then turn into a hungry little tornado the minute the sliding door of my minivan closes.


The good news is that solutions exist for all this.

It took me six years of motherhood to uncover this secret to happy kids during busy times.  ( my oldest is 7 1/2).  ” Give your kids a snack before taking them to activities, and everyone will be much happier.”  So true.

Since we are always running to music lessons, play- dates, sports practice, and rehearsals right after school, I started keeping these said snacks in the car. Directly where the kids can help themselves. This has solved so, so much.

I like to keep items in the car that are nourishing but that will also fill their tummies.  It is tough to find pre-packaged snacks that will fill them up and are nourishing and not monotonous.  I discovered Betty Lou’s Fruit pie bars, and not only do they taste exactly like pie, but they are filled with good stuff too!

Betty Lou’s Fruit Bars are a great treat to keep around because I know that this is a snack all kids can have.  These Fruit Bars are vegan and gluten-free. They don’t contain the eight major food allergens identified by the FDA and sweetened only with fruit and natural fruit juice.  My kids have a lot of gluten-free friends, so it is nice to have something that I can pass out to these friends.  

I have mentioned on this site before that Walmart’s grocery pick-up service is constantly saving my life.  Especially now, that we are in the middle of getting ready to relocate.  Since my husband has been out of town for work during the week, grocery pick-up has been making my life so much easier.

I picked these Betty Lou’s Fruit Bars at Walmart, and you can also purchase them at Betty Lou’s Inc!

You can learn more about Betty Lou’s on their website.  You can also visit them on social media.  You can find them on.





I picked up this stroller organizer while using Walmart’s pick up service.  Then I attached it to the back of my passenger seat in my minivan and filled it with snacks! As you can see, there is also a Betty Lou’s Fruit bar wrapper in this snack organizer.  Sometimes this is the best I can do.  Thank you for understanding. 

The flavors that are available at Walmart are blackberry, cherry, blueberry, and apple.  You will find some additional flavors at Betty Lou’s Inc! Plus, you will be able to see some additional products available on their website.

My little DIY car snack station works great! ( as long as I remember to fill it up with delicious snacks and as long as the kids pick up their clementine peels) In reality, though, it has worked out great.  Having happy kids with full bellies is priceless.  Betty Lou’s Fruit Bars are a delicious and wholesome treat.  Don’t forget to pick some up at Walmart!




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