3 simple ways to make Halloween stress-free

This post is sponsored by Red Baron but the content and opinions expressed here are my own. #NeverFlySolo

Halloween is my second favorite holiday after the 4th of July.  I think Halloween is so much fun!  I spent years dressing up my boys in coordinated homemade costumes and decorating the house for all of the trick or treaters.   I love handing out candy, and I love seeing everyone’s costumes even more!  I must admit though, last year Halloween stopped being fun.

I think I had mentioned here on this website before that when my boys were small I was super busy, but that busy is nothing compared to how busy things have gotten after my kids started school.   There are so many activities, birthday parties, and school functions to bring them to!   I am already stressed out from it all, and my oldest is only a first grader!  🙂

Anyway, after last year I thought about ways I could make Halloween stress-free so we can enjoy spending time together as a family.  Here is what I came up with.

1. Don’t fuss over dinner, pop a pizza in the oven!

For years, I would fuss over a fun crockpot meal every Halloween.  I have decided that I am not going to stress about dinner on Halloween when I can make a frozen pizza and call it a day.  When we come in from trick or treating, we’re cold, and a warm, crispy pizza turns into the perfect thing.

Red Baron Classic Crust pizza is not too thick, not too thin with a crispy, airy, flaky layered crust that makes it a classic. Available in 11 different flavors from fan-favorite Pepperoni to Chipotle Chicken.   Red Baron pizza only takes a few minutes to make and is a crowd pleaser!  Leave dinner up to Red Baron and enjoy this fun holiday with your kids!

2. Don’t make homemade costumes or worry about coordinating costumes

I spent years dressing up my son’s in homemade, coordinated Halloween costumes.  Which was very fun, but last year I ended up staying up super late to get the kids’ costumes completed.  To be truthful, it was a bit stressful.   After Halloween last year I realized something.   My kids don’t care if they’re costumes match.

Last year, after Halloween I picked up some costumes on clearance and gave those costumes to my kids for Christmas.  My kids enjoyed playing with these costumes for the last year.  On Halloween, I plan on sending them down to the costume box to find a costume.   I’m not going to stress about what their costume is, and I know they will still have a great Halloween!

3. Have your kids wear warm Pajamas under their Halloween Costumes.

Living in Iowa, we have one challenge every Halloween.   The weather!  Although our autumns are stunningly beautiful, every Halloween is it bitterly cold.  My kids are always freezing on Halloween, sometimes we only trick or treat for a few minutes because it is always so cold!  A few years ago I started dressing my kids in warm fleece pajamas under their costumes!  It makes a huge difference in how they feel during trick or treating!

Here are my kids in their coordinated costumes the last couple of years with their warm pajamas under their costumes.

So there you have it.  Don’t make a fuss over costumes.  Dress warm and let Red Baron help you with dinner!

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