Ginger-Chai Smoothie

I received compensation from Bayer Consumer Health, makers of MiraLAX® to write this post. MiraLAX® is a laxative used to treat occasional constipation. All opinions are entirely my own. #ReliefMadeEasy #CollectiveBias

There are so many fantastic looking smoothie recipes out there, but I seem to have had a problem with making the same one all the time.  First of all, most of the smoothies I make aren’t recipes at all, but it is just me throwing ingredients into a blender. But also, I always seem to make smoothies in the morning so why would I make something new when I already know I can make a smoothie I love every time?  I’m looking at you green smoothie with peanut butter and banana.

This seems odd, especially since I literally create recipes for a living.  But there you have it!

I just discovered the power of ginger these last few years.  I keep finding myself putting ginger on my food often, especially when I make anything with carrots or any fruit dessert.  I also often turn to ginger when my stomach isn’t feeling quite right.

This ginger-chai smoothie is wonderful for when you have the tummy troubles. It is worth switching up smoothie time in the morning.   I feel like one of the best things you can do is to get some healthy food in your body, and when your tummy troubles include occasional constipation, include MiraLAX® Mix-In Pax.  MiraLAX® works with your body’s natural process to provide effective relief from occasional constipation. Because it works with the body, MiraLAX® provides a gentle experience and doesn’t cause harsh side effects.

It is important to use this only as directed, and no more than once a day or for more than 7 days. The rest of the time, you can make just the smoothie!  I found MiraLAX® at the pharmaceutical aisle at Walmart.

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Okay now back to this delicious smoothie!  Although you can use fresh ginger in this recipe if you please, ground ginger is perfect.  I always keep ground ginger within hands reach in my spice cabinet because I add it to so many things. Instead of using that expensive store-bought chai concentrate, I just brewed a bag of concentrated chai tea and let it cool in the fridge.

The bananas.  I always keep frozen bananas in my freezer.  I like to squish the bananas into a freezer bag before freezing.  This is the easiest way to handle frozen bananas. I promise.


Chai-Ginger Smoothie


  • 3/4 cup water
  • 1 tea bag chai tea
  • 2 tbsp milk
  • 2 teaspoons ground ginger


  1. Brew a small cup of chai tea.  Microwave water and brew chai tea bag in the water for 5-6 minutes.  Place the tea in the fridge to cool.  

  2. In your blender, add frozen bananas, milk, ground ginger, cooled chai tea and 1 MiraLAX® Mix-In Pax.  Blend until smooth.  Pour smoothie into a glass and enjoy.  

This smoothie is really tasty and I love all of the spicy flavors!  This smoothie is perfect for when you feel like your digestive system might be backed up.  MiraLAX® is different from stimulant laxatives. Stimulant laxative pills make your body go by forcefully stimulating the nerves in your colon. MiraLAX® works with the water in your body to hydrate, soften, and ease, unblocking your system naturally.

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