Twenty things you should ship from Amazon to your Disney hotel

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I love Disney.  A lot.  I have gone three times as an adult without/before kids, and I have taken my kids twice.  I have never stayed on property, and I like to save money if I can.  We love the food at Disney, but to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at Disney really can add up.  We usually bring food to the park for lunch and snacks then eat dinner at a Disney restaurant.

There are so many benefits to bringing your supplies to Disney parks.  For one, you save money.  Two, the food and gift shop lines can get long.  When you pay x amount of dollars for a Disney ticket, you don’t want to waste 30 minutes for a snack, when you can be seeing the attractions instead.  Over spring break When my kids got hungry, I always had a snack or a peanut butter sandwich to pull out of my bag to give them.  It saved us so much time, money and sanity.

Did you know that most hotels will accept amazon shipments for you?  We have done this both times we have gone with kids, and it has worked out well.  You should call your hotel to see what their policies are for accepting packages.  If for some reason your hotel does not receive packages, you can place an online order for pick up at any Orlando’s Walmart.  That is also a convenient service.

Here is a list of things that we shipped to our hotel from Amazon, and I am so glad we did!

    1.  Peanut butter– I am going to tell you something.  When it’s hot and crowded, and you’re waiting in line for a ride, and your kid starts screaming for food, that smushed peanut butter and jelly sandwich you pull out of your backpack will be fantastic in so many ways!  You would not believe how glorious it will taste.  Heading to Disney Parks with a bag of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in tow is always a good idea!

2.  Make sure you have some Strawberry jam ready too!  Both peanut butter and jelly also make filling breakfasts.

3.  And don’t forget the bread.

4. Cliff bars.  Can I tell you something amazing about cliff bars?  While I generally don’t eat these in my typical day to day life, my family snacked on these while we were at Disney.  These keep you full for a REALLY long time.  These were wonderful at keeping my kids feeling full for several hours.  Isn’t a day at Disney so much better when your kids’ aren’t begging for food every 5 minutes?


5) Ponchos – If you go to Disney without ponchos in tow, it will rain.  I promise.  Yes, you can buy ponchos at a Disney gift shop for about ten dollars each.  Or you can purchase pocket-sized emergency ponchos for about a dollar each.  If it doesn’t rain, you can also put them on when you go on the water rides!  These are nice to have; I don’t think I would go to Disney without some.

6. An Umbrella stroller– I have been to Disney twice with kids.  Once with a large double stroller that we brought on the airplane with us and once with just an umbrella stroller.   Umbrella strollers are so much smaller, and thus, they are easier to navigate large crowds.  When you are at Disney with kids, you will be parking your stroller to go on many of the attractions. Parking something smaller is so much easier.  Also, you can get a stroller on Amazon for $24.99.  Renting a stroller at Disney cost $15.00 a day, plus you have to wait in line to get it.  Sending a stroller to your hotel is so much easier.   You can also take advantage of Walmart’s pick-up service in Orlando.

7, Sunscreen– You will need lots of sunscreen at Disney, and if you are flying, it is one less thing you have to worry about packing.   Buying at gift shops and in the parks is expensive.   It is just so much easier to send it!

8. Water– If you possibly can, you should send yourself a case of bottled water.  You can try to pick up a case when you get to Orlando too if you have a car.  There are drinking fountains all over Disney. However, the water there tastes just okay.  I didn’t bring too much water with us into the park, just because it is a lot to carry, but we put 6-8 bottles of water in the pouch beneath our umbrella stroller.

9. Trail Mix- Another snack to have on hand that will keep the kids full.  Trail mix won’t get smashed in your backpacks and is easy to pull out.

10.Beef Jerky-  Another great snack to have on hand.  It won’t get smashed in your backpack, doesn’t need to be cooled, and if you’re eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch, this is an excellent add-on to help make it feel like you’re eating a meal.

11. Diapers – If you have a child in diapers, and you’re flying to Orlando, it is just so much easier to send the diapers to your hotel.  Amazon diapers might cost just a little more, but airlines are also charging a lot more money for extra bags.   You can buy diapers in the baby centers at each of the Disney theme parks, but I am not going to get into how expensive they are!

12. If you’re planning any hotel days, don’t forget swim diapers too!

13. Squeezable applesauce– If you have small kids, squeezable applesauce is easy to have in your bag to give them a snack when you’re in line for a ride.  When we went to Disney in March, I was happy to have these.

14. Ziplock bags– If you are bringing sandwiches and snacks into Disney parks, you will need some ziplock bags.  Keep some extra in your backpack too for wet clothes etc.

15. Instant Oatmeal– If you’re staying at a hotel without breakfast, you can make Instant Oatmeal in your hotel room using the water from the coffee maker.  My husband and I did this before we had kids.  We stayed off the property in a less expensive hotel and ate before we went to the park.  Oatmeal is a very filling breakfast.

16. Mickey Mouse Pajamas  When we are at Disney, my kids know better than to ask for us to buy souvenirs, which is nice that they know that.  If you choose to get your kids something Disney while you’re there, it is so much more inexpensive than getting Disney things in the actual gift shop.  Pajamas are also a great souvenir to get for your kids because kids always need pajamas

17. Mickey Mouse Stuffed Animals- If you choose to get your kids a little toy from Disney, it is so much cheaper to get it from Amazon!

18. Princess dresses. This one doesn’t apply to me since I only have sons. But I did see quite a few little girls wearing princess dresses at Disney.  Instead of spending money at the princess boutique, have a princess dress shipped!

19. Portable Phone Charger. While at Disney you will either need to be very conservative with your phone battery life, or you can get this Portable phone charger.  All you do is plug it in at night, and bring this along with a USB to Disney.  You will be able to charge your phone when you are out and about quickly.

20. Brightly colored shirts for your kids. Let me show you this photo of my kids at Disney. Dressing your kids in bright colors will help you find them!  I had no trouble locating my kids the entire time we were there!  ( my kids are holding hands with their grandparents in the walking photos, they are not holding hands with random people.) .

I loved taking my kids to Disney this year!  My 6 and 4-year-old sons were a perfect age! Many of these items will also be useful when we travel to South Dakota this summer.


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