Instant Pot Peppermint Vanilla Latte

I have been super busy these past few weeks.  I have had sick kiddos, lots of freelance work to do, and lots of Christmas shopping/gift-wrapping and planning to do.   I am sure this will be my last post before Christmas.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I thought it would be fun to make an Instant Pot Peppermint- Vanilla Latte because this recipe seems to sum up the things I have been obsessed within 2017.

My Instant Pot and essential oils.  

Take a look at all of the recipes I have made with my Instant Pot. 

Before I go on.  I want to share with you a little video I threw together on how to make this!

Please, please, please. Let this natural release on your Instant Pot!  If you let your Instant Pot vent right away, you will get latte everywhere! 

Also, I feel like this recipe can almost be a guideline.  You can obviously add more or less sweetener, or more coffee if you like.   This peppermint-vanilla latte was sweet.  But not sweet enough to give me a sugar headache, as some of the drive-through drinks do.

Instant Pot Peppermint- Vanilla Latte 

Serves 6-8


4 cups of milk

2 cups of coffee – you can also use espresso shots

One teaspoon of vanilla

1/4 cup of sugar or your sweetener of choice

2-3 drops of peppermint extract

Method:  Place all of the ingredients into your Instant Pot.  Cook in your Instant Pot at high pressure for 5 minutes.  Let the instant pot naturally release for 10 minutes.  Open the instant pot, and you’re done!

I bet this drink will be a fantastic way to show all your family members how amazing the Instant Pot is this Christmas!  This is an easy recipe to display how amazing these machines really are!

Happy Christmas!



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