“Elf Sized” Hot Chocolate


As a child, I always had a mug of Hot Chocolate after a day of playing in the snow or selling Christmas trees at the YMCA.  I would run into the house and rip open a packet of Hot Chocolate when I wanted to warm up.  A least a few times every winter.

Most of the ” Elf Scenes” that show up in our house usually stay somewhat simple.   However, a few times a year, I like to set something up that the kids really get excited about.   There is something so “Christmas” about hot chocolate, especially during Christmas- themed breakfasts.

Hot chocolate during the holiday season is so simply perfect.  Sometimes creating these Elf scenes for my kids can be a little extra work.  However, I love the joy they bring to my kids.  Plus, this is actually pretty simple.

This ” Elf- Sized” hot chocolate is not only an adorable ” elf scene” but this is really a fun way to give the kiddos a little treat during those days leading up to Christmas.  Plus it’s really easy.   I used an espresso mug and picked up some hot chocolate mix along with some whipped cream and holiday sprinkles.  Now I am set for the season!

In order to make enough hot chocolate to fit in an espresso cup, I made 1 Swiss Mix® hot chocolate packet and split it up into two espresso cups.  It was super easy and my boys loved it!

“Elf Sized” Holiday Hot Chocolate 

Yield 2


I packet of hot chocolate mix 

6 ounces of Hot water 

1/2 teaspoon of honey or corn syrup 

1 tablespoon of holiday sprinkles

1 dollop of whipped cream 


2  mini espresso mugs 

small measuring spoons – so the elf can stir his/her hot chocolate. 

paper towels – for dipping espresso mugs in sprinkles.

Method:  Stick the holiday sprinkles into your espresso mugs.  Line the rim of the espresso mugs with honey.  Pour the holiday sprinkles out onto a paper towel and dip the mini espresso mugs with sprinkles.   In a measuring cup, heat up 3 cups of water in the microwave, and prepare a packet of  Hot chocolate according to the instructions.   Pour the Hot chocolate into the mugs and add a dollop of on top, with a few more sprinkles.   If you have measuring spoons, they add a bit of cuteness to your scene.

I love this adorable Elf scene, and I can’t wait for the day after Thanksgiving, when our family’s elf, “Cherry” appears.  It is such a fun kick-off to the holiday season.  Plus seeing our elf every day is something my kids really look forward to.

This “Elf” Hot chocolate is perfect, and using Swiss Mix® makes this super easy!


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