Five places to eat in Sioux Falls, South Dakota & Win a getaway!

When I received an opportunity to learn and share with you, some traveling experiences from Sioux Falls, SD, I instantly became super excited!  No joke, my husband has been spending loads of time lately, researching ideas for a big family trip he wants to take next summer, to the Dakotas.  He went on a big family vacation to the Black Hills when he was a kid, and he can’t wait to take our boys there!

As for me, I am not much of a camper, but now, I am getting excited because Sioux Falls looks like a quaint place that I would like to visit.  Right now, is giving away a weekend giveaway!  Doesn’t that not sound totally perfect?  I love visiting towns all across the midwest and seeing what they have to offer. You can check out details about this giveaway Here. 

Plus, since I am a foodie, I love to eat out when I travel.  I was super inspired by a few of the places I saw this past week! When I saw this  video by travel blog Ale and Terre.I instantly became excited about this trip Greg is planning to the Dakotas too!

Here are 5 restaurants I would love to try when I visit Sioux Falls, South Dakota!

  1. Famous Daves – I am going to have to try this All American BBQ Feast when I visit Sioux Falls with my boys.   I promised my boys that I would make them a Cowboy dinner like this one.  I have not made it yet.  They are waiting for their American feast.
Photo Credit – Day Tripper

2. Philips Avenue Diner. 

Oh my goodness, you guys!  You need to check out this website!  This just looks like an amazing, old fashion diner.  My kids would love to try this place out!  How fun does this menu look?

3. Josiah’s Coffee

Doesn’t this coffee shop look glorious?  When my husband and I travel, we love checking out the local coffee shop.   We always need out caffeine fix in the morning, and I love checking out what special coffee drinks they have at the local place!

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4. Grille 26 

Looks spectacular! I love it when midwest restaurants use local ingredients in their cuisines.  We really do have some of the best local food sources, here in the midwest.

5. Prairie Berry 

Looks like an absolutely amazing spot for local wines, homemade pizzas, sandwiches and soups.  I love the look of this artisan cheese and meat board as well.  Upon checking out their website, I noticed they also have cooking classes here!  I plan on checking that out for sure!

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In addition to these five restaurants, I would love to see the Falls of Sioux Falls.  (  It is funny, I live in Cedar Falls, and we don’t actually have a “Falls”).

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So many wonderful places to try.  These are only some of them!   For a chance to #win!  a Weekend Getaway to Sioux Falls, SD, head over to this website. 


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