Sheet Pan Cheese and Chocolate Appetizer

I have never seen a cheese board appetizer I didn’t like.   There is just something about how simple they are, how easily the flavors go together.  You can add any nut, cracker, or piece of fruit you love, and you literally cannot go wrong!

I loved making this cheese and chocolate appetizer on a sheet pan for a few reasons.

  1. I don’t have a fancy cheese board, and I didn’t feel like getting one.
  2. I created this appetizer on a sheet pan in advance and was able to cover it and store in the fridge quickly.
  3. If you are bringing this appetizer to a party, having it on a sheet pan makes it easy to transport.
  4. I like how rustic it looks.

I added some autumn favorites to this sheet pan chocolate and cheese appetizer.   This would be a perfect appetizer for any fall party, Halloween or Thanksgiving!  I made this appetizer when my parents were visiting last week.

Let me tell you about some of these fantastic products that are #madeinfrance!

 Istara P’Tit Basque Cheese- Was the cheese that I used on my appetizer.  My family devoured it!  It tastes lovely with fresh fruit and crackers and can be paired with both white and red wine!

Valrhona Chocolate- This french chocolate was silky smooth and deliciously sweet!  I loved pairing it with the fruit, cheese, and the wine!   Valrhona chocolate was created in France in 1922 and produces balanced chocolates that are used by French chefs.  You can also follow them on Instagram

It was a huge hit!  Of course, it was made with cheese and chocolate from France!  Oh yeah, and I paired this with some French wines too!


Les Vignobles André Lurton is one of the largest wineries in the Bordeaux region.  They are a family-run company who are dedicated to producing exceptional wines.  Les Vignobles André Lurton is available in every state in the U.S


Within 40 years, Mas de Daumas Gassac has achieved the status of being a ” cult wine” that is only given to a limited number of estates in the world.  It is cultivated with no pesticides or chemicals.  This wine company has a unique history.  This wine is made on an animal-run farm and is stored in an underground- 1000-year-old wine cellar.

This cheese and chocolate plate was terrific, especially with all these tasty additions.

Sheet pan Cheese and Chocolate Plate 


Valrhona Chocolate 




Rice Crackers


Pumpkin Seeds



You can add your favorite items as well!



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