On-The-Go Snack Boxes with Klement’s Sausage and video tutorial

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It’s a funny thing.  I consider myself to be a much better cook than I was five years ago.   But I find myself actually trying to make meals and snacks around here, as easy and low- maintenance as possible.

There are those fancy lunches and dinners that people might expect food bloggers to make.   But then, there are these simple On-The Go Snack Boxes that just include fruits, veggies, cheese, nuts and Klement’s snack sticks.

These On-The-Go snack boxes couldn’t be easier, tastier and my kids couldn’t have eaten these faster. Simplicity for the win.  Seriously though, lunches and snacks like this make appearances often, because they are so quick and easy to prepare.

When I make these snack boxes.  I try to a variety of fruits, vegetables and textures to each snack box.  Of course, I added a few Klement’s Snack Sticks to each box as well.

Klement’s Snack Sticks are so wonderful for keeping energy up when you are on-the go.  They are gluten-free, shelf stable and made from 100% quality ingredients.  Klement’s Snack Sticks are made in small batches and their authentic taste comes premium meats and spices.

Klement’s  sent me Teriyaki, Chorizo and Hot Snack Sticks to try, and they are all really good.  I think that Teriyaki is my favorite though.

Here is a quick video tutorial on how to make these snack boxes.   You don’t need to use exactly the same fruits and vegetables that I did!   I like to make these snack boxes, so they each contain a variety of colors!

Here is a little video tutorial I made you!

Klement’s snack sticks are perfect for any busy person who care about the food they eat.  They are a convenient, high-protein choice.

These On-The-Go Snack Boxes are perfect for

After school snacking

Bringing to sporting events


Hiking trips


School lunches

Work lunches

Pretty much anytime!

You will want to store these snack packs In the fridge, in a lunch bag with an icepack or a cooler.

Teriyaki Snack Stick Box 

1/2 cup of raw broccoli

8 baby carrots 

1/2 a granny smith apple

1 small container of peanuts 

2 Klement’s teriyaki snack sticks 

Chorizo Snack Sticks Box 

1/4 cup of tortilla chips

1 small container of salsa 

1 small container of black refried beans

1/2 a bell pepper, cut into slices

a bunch of grapes

2 Klement’s Chorizo Snack Sticks

Hot Snack Sticks Snack Box

1/2 granny smith apple cut into slices

1/2 orange, cut into slices

1 cup of grape tomatoes

1/4 a bell pepper, cut into slies

1/8 cup of pepper jack cheese, cut into cubes

2 Klement’s hot snack sticks

Remember!  #nationalsnackstickday is in just a few days!  These snack packs would be a perfect way to celebrate!


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