5 ways to make mom life a little easier

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A few weeks ago, I had a friend ask me.

” Does it take a long time to style your food photos?”

And I realize that there a lot of food bloggers out there who have these stunningly beautiful photos of food.  One day, I will be in a season of life where I will have peace and quiet so I can get my work done in silence.

But right now, Imagine me, close to the nearest window, or on my deck, trying to take photos of dinner. While my three boys wait impatiently, practically pounding on the table for food.   I am not joking.  The struggle is real.

As much as I love making homemade food for my family, sometimes I get to that point where I just can’t possibly find 10 minutes to do so.   More importantly, once in a while I get to that point where I just can’t possibly do another load of dishes.   For some reason, this usually happens on Thursdays.

Which brings me to this.  In the midst of hiding spinach in breakfast smoothies and making pot after pot of homemade macaroni and cheese, I say that sometimes you need to make mom life ( or dad life) easier by ordering out dinner!

And do me a favor, and when you order out, limit the serving dishes you use and just serve food out of the take-out boxes. okay?

Ever since I moved to Iowa to attend college, I have loved eating at Hy-vee and also getting their take-out.  It is so convenient to pick up dinner while you are grocery shopping!   Both of my older boys absolutely love Hy-vee’s Chinese food.

Right now at Hy-vee, you can get  a Chinese Dinner for 4 and 2 Liter Coca-Cola for $28.00.   To find out about more weekly deals at Hy-vee, check out their website, and just plug in your zip code.

You can find freshly-cooked Chinese food at Hy-vee in right in the front of the store.

And while your at it, top off this take -out meal with a bottle of Coca-Cola Zero™ , which tastes refreshing with this meal.  For more meal pairings with Coke Zero, check out this fun meal pairings page!

Okay back to more ways to make Mom life easier.  Or dad life ( don’t want to leave out those dads.  These days, all the dad’s out there are really stepping up to the plate!)

5 Ways to make Mom life easier 

1. Carpool with friends! I can’t even tell you how much time I spend driving my kids around to different things, and picking them up to and from school.   One way to make life easier as a parent is to carpool with friends!  Find families that your kids go to school with and who live near you!  I like to make sure we have an extra car seat installed in our van, just incase someone needs a ride!

2. Don’t sign up for too many activities- I personally think that school and 1-2 extracurricular activities is more than enough for any child.  If you have too much on your plate, your family will literally never even get to sit down to dinner with each other!   My advice is to let your kids choose 1-2 things they really like to do and leave it at that!

3. Lay out school clothes the night before- I am so happy we started doing this!  Mornings can be so hectic, getting everyone ready for school and out the door.   Having my kids lay out their clothes the night before was a great idea!  It saves us so much stress in the morning!

4. Stop trying to compete with other families! – You don’t win a prize for using a cookie cutter to cut your kids vegetables you put in their lunches.  Also, nobody needs to know if all your laundry is done, or if you served kale to your family at dinner.  Stop stressing about doing it all perfect and just take time to enjoy your family!

5. Take Shortcuts at mealtime and even order out!  To me, dinnertime is all about spending together as a family.  Your kids are not going to remember if they had all homemade meals, or if you ordered in food every once in a while.  They’re going to remember the family memories and how you made them feel.   Let someone else cook your family’s meal and don’t dirty any pots and pans!

Take-out Chinese from Hy-vee is such a treat for my family!  And I must say, sometimes it is just priceless not to cook dinner and to have no dishes later!

Check out Hy-vee’s website for their weekly deals!  and don’t forget to check out those Coke Zero Pairings!



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