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20 plus on-the-go snack ideas

by Kristen

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If you have kids, then there is someone probably asking you for a snack 1000000000000 times a day.   I am not kidding.  Kid’s like snacks.   Even though my kids are all on the smaller side for their age, I have rules about snacks.

  1.  You can have fruit or vegetables whenever you like
  2.  If we are within a half hour of dinner, then you can have a glass of milk to tide you over.

I know.  I am mean.

But actually, there are many healthy snacks out there that I don’t feel bad giving the kids at all.  And, to be totally truthful, I like to have a healthy snack late in the afternoon too.

I love this little snack container that I got off of Amazon.  I love using these containers in my son’s lunch.  Plus, I use this little container when I am packing snacks for picnics and after school snacks as well.  I love this container, because it reminds me of the Handi-snacks I would sometimes get in my lunch as a kid.

I love how these snacks are little, but satisfying.  It is amazing how much snack food you can fit into one of these guys.  This is perfect for those of us who need something to tide us over until lunch or dinner.  I know there are at least two people in my house, including me, who get a little grumpy when hungry.

Here are 24 snack ideas

Cucumber slices and hummus

Crackers and Herbed Cheese

Blueberries and vanilla yogurt

Apple slices with cheddar

Kiwi slices and mango yogurt

Crackers, pepperoni and fresh mozzarella

Strawberries and chocolate chips

Apple slices and peanut butter

Animal crackers and jam

Mini peppers and guacamole

Grapes and cheese

Pancakes and syrup

Pretzels and honey mustard

Raspberries and cream cheese

Club sandwich

Mini spinach salad

Tomatoes and French onion dip

Trail mix

Mini Yogurt Parfait

Bagels and cream cheese

Carrots and ranch

Bananas and peanut butter

Chips and salda

Grapes and strawberry yogurt


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