Three Ways to Collect More Box Tops

This post is sponsored by Acorn Influence on behalf of Box Tops for Education. All views expressed are my own. #Boxtops 

Life with three boys can be busy.   I spend loads of time trying to simplify my home as much as I can.  I try to keep less toys around.  I have simplified my family’s wardrobes.  When it comes to weeknight meals, I like to stick to the basics.   But in the midst of all of those things, there is still one item that I love collecting.  #Boxtops!

My mom is a retired teacher, so collecting Box Tops for Education is always something that my family has always done.  But, ever since my husband and I decided to send our oldest son to kindergarten at a private school,  I have stepped up my game.   I know how much private schools rely on fundraising.

The Box Tops for Education program donates 10 cents for every box top collected, to your school of choice.  For private schools, or any school, this extra money can go a long way.  Many teachers spend their own money for items  their classroom needs, and they also buy school supplies for their students. As a parent, I think it is important to help out anyway I can.

3 Easy Ways to Collect More Box Tops 

1.  Download the Box Top for Education App on your smart phone.  Downloading the Box Top for Education App on your smart phone gives you the opportunity to earn even more Box tops for your school.   If you download the app, you will see all kinds of ” offers.”  you can choose from.   When you do your back- to- school shopping, scan your receipt to claim each offer.  Right now, at Walmart, you can earn $5.00 for your school of choice when you purchase 5 Box Top items in a transaction.  For more information on this, check out their website.

Over the last few weeks.  I was able to earn $27.00 for my son’s school. 

2.  Be on the lookout for items with Box Tops on them.  Especially items with bonus Box Tops.  I have become loyal to products that have box tops on them.  Especially items that have bonus box tops on them!  When I see those products with extra Box Tops, I like to stock up.

For more information on the current items with Box Tops on them, pay attention to Walmart’s Website.  

Ask friends and family to collect Box Tops for your school! – Just think how many Box Tops you can collect with the help of friends and family!  Remember to ask grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends and neighbors to collect Box Tops for your school!   If you know any retired teachers, they are especially great at collecting Box Tops!   Also, tell them about the Box Top App!  All they need to know is, what school to collect for.

Box Tops for education is such a great program!  I can’t think of any school that wouldn’t welcome extra funds.   Educating our children is such an important task!  If you don’t have a school you are collecting for, find one!   Don’t forget to download the Box Top for Education App on your phone and to pay attention to Box Top offers at Walmart.


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