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How to Store Fresh Strawberries & Video Tutorial

by Kristen

Here in Northern Iowa, my family tries to go strawberry picking at least once a year.   We have been living in Cedar Falls for 4 years now.  We always try our best to get to the strawberry patch to pick.  This year we arrived at the strawberry patch right at 8:00 AM.  We wanted to beat the heat.  This year, it was just beautiful out.

Have you been strawberry picking with little boys?  OMG I had to try to hard this year, to keep them in the rows, as not to smash the strawberries!  Plus, we had to keep them from eating strawberries.  Strawberry picking is serious business. 

Below is son #2 in 2015

Last weekend, we brought home so, so many strawberries.  We had originally picked some to send over to our neighbors, but when we got home, our neighbors happened to be gone for the weekend.   Fresh picked strawberries, really need to be tended to within the day.  They’re so tiny and rich tasting, they’ll spoil if you just leave them out.

Here are some strawberry storing tips.  I created a little video for you and have included some very important tips below too.

Okay, here are some very important tips.

  1. The day you pick your strawberries, leave them out on the counter and enjoy as many as you like.  There is nothing better than, fresh produce still warm from the sun.
  2. Don’t wash strawberries unless you are ready to eat them.  Adding extra moisture to them will help them to ripen faster.
  3. You will want to wash them if you are storing them in the freezer, or if you are storing them in the fridge with sugar.
  4. Make sure you take any bruised or 1/2 eaten strawberries out.

Storing Strawberries in the Fridge

  1. keep the stem on as long as you can.  It will keep them longer
  2. put them in a shallow dish and place a paper towel between each row.  This will help them from getting too moist.

Storing Strawberries in Sugar 

  1.  These can be frozen or stored in the fridge.
  2. You will want to use these within a week
  3.  You will want to add 1/3 cup sugar for every 4-6 ounces of strawberries
  4. These strawberries are wonderful on Desserts

Blending Strawberries for Smoothies 

  1. Make sure you wash strawberries
  2. You can use silicone cupcake molds or store them in an ice trey,
  3. You can use these for smoothies or fun summer drinks!

I love strawberry season!  Does your family pick strawberries?  What is your favorite thing to do with them?

Here are a few of my favorites. —–> All from Iowa Bloggers!

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