Instant Pot Bruschetta Chicken & Video Tutorial

This past Sunday, I was all pepped up to try another week of meal-prepping for this week.  When I realized something.   I was exhausted.   

I have been really into trying out this meal-prep thing lately.  Where you cook multiple meals on Sunday and eat leftovers for lunch and dinner all week.   I have decided that this can only work until about Wednesday.  Because on Thursday and Friday the food seems old.

Okay enough meal prep, because I didn’t do it.   I turned to my other new food obsession.

Cooking things in my Instant Pot!  Because things can cook in literally just a few minutes!

I wanted to show you how easy it is to cook in an Instant Pot.  Here is a little video tutorial I created for you!


See?  Can this dish possibly be more straightforward?

I didn’t take a photo of the whole meal I made, but I served this over polenta, which only took 5 minutes to make too.

Instant Pot Bruschetta Chicken 


4 chicken cutlets

1 tablespoons of olive oil

4 cloves of garlic- minced- or more

1 teaspoon dried basil

1 teaspoon dried parsley

2 cups Roma tomatoes

1-2 carrots- chopped


balsamic glaze


mozzarella or parmesan cheese

Method:  Set your instant pot to saute.  Drizzle olive oil in the bottom of the Instant Pot.   Add garlic, basil, and parsley and saute.  Add tomatoes and carrots.  Cook down the tomatoes a bit.  Add chicken.  Cover the lid of the Instant Pot and turn on ” meat” setting for 10 minutes.  Vent Instant Pot after the time runs out and garnish.

This was seriously easy.   I am looking forward to using fresh veggies in super easy dishes all summer.


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