My favorite things from Trader Joe’s

First, I should start by saying.  I am NOT being paid to write this post!  I have enjoyed sharing with you my favorite items at various grocery stores.  You can also check out my favorite items to get at ALDI & my favorite items to arrive at Walmart.

All you suburbanites and city dwellers out there, you may have to sit down for this one.

I live in an area with no Trader Joe’s.

Yep.  You read that correctly.  No Trader Joe’s.

And except for the 18 months that I moved home to Chicago after college, I have never lived near a Trader Joe’s.  And yes, I belong to a Facebook page, called ” Bring Trader Joe’s to the Cedar Valley.”  Where thousands of people are trying to spend their money at Trader Joe’s.  And nothing.  Crickets.

But apparently, I am the nerdy chick in this situation, because I still drive hours to visit Trader Joe’s,  Because I love the stuff there.  My kids get unique Trader Joe’s snacks in their Christmas stockings every year because we celebrate Christmas in Chicago.  It’s wonderful.  Man, I wish we had one here!

Here is a list of my ” Must have’s” from Trader Joe’s

Keep in mind that I usually stop at Trader Joe’s when I am traveling.  I wish I could pick up and try more refrigerator and freezer items, but that is not always possible. 

1. These Vanilla Wafers.- There are a lot of different fancy cookies at Trader Joe’s.  That is one of the reasons why we get our Christmas stocking stuffers there when we are in Chicago for Christmas.   These are my favorite cookie at Trader Joe’s by far.  I love real vanilla.  These are a must-try.

2. Roasted Garlic Spaghetti Sauce- I am picky about which store-bought marinara sauce I give my family.  Probably because I know how to make a delicious homemade sauce, and so usually, the jarred sauce doesn’t cut it.   But I LOVE this roasted garlic marinara sauce.  I stock up every time I am at Trader Joe’s.

3.  Banana Bread Mix – I am not always a fan of bread and muffin mixes, but I love this banana bread mix.   Sometimes, you can find other bread mixes during different seasons ( like pumpkin)  at Trader Joe’s, and they’re always right.

4.  This Lemon Hand Soap.  I am a sucker for lemon soap products.  I love the smell of lemon.   I love this lemon hand soap, and I almost always pick some up when I am at Trader Joe’s.   The lavender hand soap is also excellent.

5. This Wasabi Mayonnaise- It makes sandwiches taste delicious.  That’s all.

6. Instant Oatmeal- I love Trader Joe’s instant oatmeal.  The packets are full of flavor without too much sweetness.  This is one of the items that my kids get in their Christmas stockings.

7. Balsamic Glaze- I love dipping my pizza crust in this Balsamic Glaze.  I also love drizzling it on top of roasted veggies or salad.

8. This.  ( You’re welcome.)

9) Frozen Chicken Fried Rice- I am not usually a fan of frozen-prepared foods- but this fried rice is just excellent!  They also have a bowl of vegetarian fried rice that is also good.

10. Pizza Dough- If I happen to bring a cooler with me to Trader Joe’s, I like to pick up some of this refrigerated pizza dough.   I love making pizza with my kids, and this is just good,

11. Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups – You will never eat regular peanut butter cups ever again, after trying these.

12. General Tso’s Sauce- Trader Joe’s has a lot of excellent stir fry sauces.  But, I love this General Tso’s sauce.  I get it every time I am there, and it never lasts long.

13. My husband has gotten good at making a homemade cold brew.  I love this cold brew concentrate.  ( Made zucchini cold brew chocolate bread a few years ago.  I love making different coffee drinks with it.

14. Flowers, plants, and fresh herbs. – Who can resist them?  I can’t!

15. These.  I sometimes get them if  I am going to the one at my parent’s house.  The Matcha Tea Ice cream is also impressive.  

16. I love this seasoning with a built-in grinder.

What are your favorite items from Trader Joe’s?


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  1. we were fortunate enough to get a trader joes about 2 years ago and I’m smitten with it. We are particularly addicted to their pita crisp crackers. I can eat a whole box myself in one sitting — seriously. My husband keeps telling me to stop buying them, because we can’t help ourselves when we have them… dangerous. I’m going to look for your faves as well!


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