My favorite grocery items to buy at Walmart

Disclaimer:  Nobody paid me to write this post.   I am writing this because I want to.   A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about favorite things I like to buy from Aldi.   I love to shop at a variety of grocery stores.  Here is a list of my favorite items that I love to buy at Walmart.  

I never shopped at Walmart when I was younger.   I grew up in the Western Suburbs of Chicago, where we didn’t have Walmart.

Here in Cedar Falls,  we have a giant and new Walmart that is very pleasant to shop at.  I find a lot of healthy food items there, for a reasonable price.  Plus the produce department has many organic choices, and everything always looks appealing.

Here are some of my favorite things to buy at Walmart

Grocery items that I buy at Walmart 

1) Starbucks Cold Coffee – I have a Starbucks habit that is never going to stop.  When I am at Walmart, I like to pick up this Cold-Unsweetened coffee.   It is a lot cheaper than going through the drive-thru.  Plus, then I don’t have to make a whole new pot of coffee for just me.   I like to doctor this up with different flavors for an afternoon treat.

2.  Flavored Tuna Packets- I love all the flavored tuna packets!  I love putting them on salads, sandwiches, wraps and I love making tacos out of some of the flavors too.  Tuna packets at Walmart are 1/2 the price of the ones at a few of my other local grocery stores.

Great Value Black Bean and Corn Salsa- I discovered this salsa soon after I got married. ( that’s when I officially moved from Chicago the official Midwest.  :). I love this salsa; I always pick up a jar when I am at Walmart.

Greek Yogurt – Walmart has a GREAT selection of Greek Yogurt!  The brand below is just one of the kinds that I buy.  Walmart has great prices on Greek Yogurt in lots of delicious flavors!

Greek Yogurt Ranch Packets- I LOVE making Greek Yogurt ranch dip and dipping carrots in it for a super tasty and healthy snack!  ( I have also shared recipes for Greek Yogurt Ranch Mashed Potatoes, Greek Yogurt ranch deviled eggs,  and Greek Yogurt Ranch Crispy Chicken on this blog.)  The other grocery stores in my area don’t consistently carry the Greek Yogurt Ranch packets, so I always pick up a few when I am at Walmart.

Frozen Vegetables-  I love how cheap frozen veggies are at Walmart!  I always stock up when I am there!  I have fallen in love with fresh steam bags!  You can’t beat frozen vegetables for a dollar!

Organic Frozen Butternut Squash- I love this frozen Organic Butternut Squash!  This past fall I used it to make a Butternut Squash Soup in less than fifteen minutes!  Sometimes, when I am super busy, I find that peeling and cutting butternut squash can be quite a task.

Pita Bread- In front of the Walmart grocery store, by the deli meats, you will find a vast assortment of pita bread and sandwich tortilla wraps.   Some of them are gluten-free, some of them have flax.   I love this pita bread.  This is what I use when I make my Slow Cooker Chicken Gyros. 

Microwavable Sweet Potato- I realize that a bag of regular sweet potatoes is less expensive.  But for a quick and healthy lunch- these microwavable sweet potatoes do cook perfectly! You can find them in the produce department.

Trail Mix- My husband likes to keep trail mix in his car- and at his desk at work.   Great Value has some fantastic trail mixes to choose from.

Annie’s Organic Frozen Meals- I am not much of a frozen meal person.   And actually, I have only had these a few times.  They are usually super expensive.  However, Annie’s organic meals are made with the best tasting enchilada sauce EVER! Once or twice a year- I will pick one up and eat it for lunch- as a treat.

Fresh Stir Fry Kits- The produce department at Walmart has a great selection of pre-cut fresh vegetables.   I usually cut my veggies- I find it to be therapeutic.  This is an excellent kit for a quick weeknight dinner.  It comes with sauce, and it’s a great way to make a meal with leftover meat.

Organic Carrots- I happen to think organic carrots taste amazing!   I love the natural carrots at Walmart!  Such a big bag of them for a high price!  I made my Roasted Carrot Soup with ginger – using these carrots a few weeks ago.

Great Value Dijon Mustard- I have been buying this for years.  I love making my honey-mustard sauce.  I have always used Great Value Dijon mustard.   I also used it when making my Maple Mustard Almond Crusted Chicken. 

What are your favorite grocery items to get at Walmart?


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