What I ate for dinner in August 2016


Here we are!  Another Monthly dinner round-up!   Last April, I started posting my nightly dinners on Instagram  <—— follow me!

I love going back and seeing what I make!    August was full of using the bounties from our garden.  I made a lot of dishes using eggplant, tomatoes, potatoes, and herbs from our garden.

In August, I was 7 months pregnant, so one might assume that our dinners would get unhealthier and lazier.   Actually though, I am craving salads and vegetable soups more than ever.

If you’re interested, you can also check out my dinner round-ups from April-May, June and July. 

Here is everything my family made for dinner in August!

Due to the death of a family member on my husband’s side, I did not document dinner on August 1st. 


August 2nd- Frozen Mexican pizza and salad with a Greek yogurt and salsa dressing.

August 3rd- Skinny Buffalo Chicken Salad <—- recipe here on celery sticks and strawberry yogurt.

August 4th- We took sandwiches, pretzels, nuts and fruit to my son’s t-ball game

August 5th- Made Pineapple Coconut Curry with stir fry vegetables and rice


August 6th- My husband smoked ribs and sweet corn using his weber smoker.  We also had salad.

August 7th- Used leftover smoked pork and veggies to make a sheet pan hash

August 8th- It was #meatlessmonday.  We had homemade tomato soup <—–recipe here. and eggplant parmesan slices.  Eggplant was grown in our garden.

August 9th- We had BBQ chicken pizza quesadillas and greek yogurt ranch for dipping.


August 10th- I made this Tuscan White Bean and Sausage Skillet Meal <—–Recipe Here.

August 11th- Threw together a Taco night.  Beef has hidden cauliflower in it.   Here is a reason why you always keep taco shells and beans around.

August 12th- Found a Lamb chop in the freezer.  Made a Greek Pizza

August 13th- We ate cheeseburgers at my husband’s boss’s house.  I made these pineapple-sausage bits to share.


August 15th- We had bacon- kale and tomato sandwiches along with sweet corn and jalapeno poppers<——-Click for recipe.

August 16th- It was #meatless monday.  My parents were in town.  We had caprese pizzas using tomatoes and basil from our garden.  We also had a kale Caesar Salad.

August 17th- My parents were still in town.  We had crock pot chicken tacos after watching my son’s t-ball game.

August 18th- My parents were in town.  We had hamburgers, along with caprese salad, potato salad and broccoli salad


August 19th- We had leftover chicken taco pasta bake- topped with tomatoes from our garden

August 20th- my husband and I had kale Caesar Salad and leftover potato salad.  Kids had grilled cheese.

August 21st- We had hamburgers, sweet corn and salad

August 22nd- We had garlic-butter & basil salmon along with potatoes and green beans from our garden.


August 23rd. A very successful #meatlessmonday.  My meat eating husband loved this.

August 24th- Sloppy Joes and veggie straws

August 25th- Bacon-Kale- Tomato sandwiches.  We had so many tomatoes

August 26th- Pita chip crusted Tzaziki chicken <—–recipe here.


August 26th- This is the dinner we ate at my in-law’s house.  My mother-in-law got a rotisserie chicken from Costco, we also had sweet corn, bread, butter and salad

August 27th- Still at my in-law’s house.  I must have been hungry, because I ate all my tacos before I remembered to take a photo

August 28th- Homemade rustic tomato sauce with chicken over polenta with broccoli.  Tomatoes are from our garden.

August 29th- Made a HUGE match of Homemade Tomato Soup.  <—– recipe here. We also had cheese and black bean quesadillas.  This was a great #meatlessmonday


August 30th- Made some peanut butter noodles.  My kids love this.

August 31st- Made some baked sliders with bbq chicken and cheese.  We also had tomato soup and a veggie tray.

Until next month!


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