Why I stay cool with Snapple® Straight Up™

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Snapple® Straight Up™ Tea the opinions and texts are all mine.

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On this blog- I write a lot about how I love giving my kids real food. I love getting vegetables in their little tummies anyway I can, I love creating yummy snacks for them to munch on and I love making them desserts that call for only ‘real’ ingredients.

When I create a dessert for my family- I like to use real sugar- maybe not as much as someone else might use in their recipe- but I will never use that ” zero calorie” stuff.

This is why I love Snapple Straight Up Tea. It comes in different levels of sweetness- for our different situations throughout the day.

  1. Sweet
  2. Sorta Sweet
  3. Unsweetened
  4. Sorta Sweet Honey Green
  5. Sorta Sweet Rooibos


Not only do I love making sure that my kiddos are eating real food, but I think that it is also important for me to be a good example myself. This summer, I have been spending countless hours outside in our backyard with my two sons ( that homemade car ramp has been the favorite activity for quite some time now). I usually have a refreshing drink in hand.

Spending time in the back yard with my kids is a great way to step-away from all the other tasks I have inside. I love forgetting about laundry, dinner, e-mails, and cleaning for a while – and just be mom. There is nothing better than just sitting back, and playing with my kids- laughing with them, and just listening to what they have to say.

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My backyard is filled with lots of fun this summer, while I spend time with my littles. I love teaching good habits by example. I love how Snapple Straight Up Tea helps me refocus my afternoon. When we reach that time of day- where things can possibly get testy, I love reaching for this refreshing drink- and tuning in to some music, to keep us all calm.

If you’re a Pandora listener, and you are looking for a new station- appropriate for summer days- Plug in ” True Tea Tunes” into the ” Create a Station” tab. You will be provided with a new music station to go with your Snapple!


Snapple Straight Up is an absolutely refreshing drink. The unsweetened contains zero calories. But if you feel like you want sweetened, you can have that too. With real sugar. All the flavors are just delicious. Don’t forget to get your coupon!



  1. I love that they offer unsweetened tea! I grew up in the north where *most* people dont drink it sweetened and now I live in the south and thats the only way they drink it. Drives me crazy. lol

  2. Nikki Wayne

    This is so perfect for the weather. I like Snapple drinks.

  3. Nicole Escat

    Oh, this is a nice drink. I want to stay cool especially with this kind of weather we have.

  4. Nicole Etolen

    I like Snapple drinks. This one is really refreshing and perfect for summer.

  5. My husband loves different VARIETIES of tea anytime and yes he loves anything unsweetened as well. The Snapple Straight Up Tea sounds like something of his choice & I would like to get it for him!

  6. I always pick up a bottle of snapple at the gas station when we are out. I love the variety of flavors and it being so natural.


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