What I ate for dinner in July


This is my third post about ” What I make my family for dinner”.   In April, I started sharing photos of what I make my family for dinner every night on my Instagram handle. 

You can see what my family had for dinner In April/May  and What we ate for dinner in June. 

I love going back and seeing what we eat for supper.   How we handle busy nights and how sometimes we turn random items in our fridge into something delicious.

I started something new in July.   I started implementing #MeatlessMondays into our cuisine.   Why?  1) To help the environment   2) To eat more vegetables 3) To challenge myself a bit.   So far, my family has had a positive attitude about this.

July was a hot month.  We did have some dinners that were “no cook”  When it is so hot, it is really hard to heat up the house.

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Here is what my family ate for dinner in July.


July 1st-  We arrived in Wisconsin to celebrate the 4th.  We had a picnic of pork sandwiches, watermelon and broccoli salad.

July 2nd- My family. Parents, Brother, sister-in-law and us attended a concert with fireworks.  We packed egg salad sandwiches and chips

July 3rd- My husband and I went on a double-date with my brother and his wife.  I had curried swordfish.


July 4th- My whole family again.  Still in Wisconsin together.  We had pork sliders, broccoli-cauliflower salad and chips, salsa and guac

July 5th- Still in Wisconsin.  We had sloppy joes, salad and mixed veggies

July 6th- Our last night in Wisconsin.  We took the kids to Al Johnson’s Swedish restaurant for swedish pancakes.  I had a turkey panini and creamy spinach soup.


July 7th- We were back in Iowa.  After a 7 hour drive.  We had my sister-in-law’s curried chicken salad lettuce wraps, vegetable chips and blueberries.

July 8th- My In-laws came to visit.  My husband smoked some Beef in his Weber smoker.  We also had a cobb salad with raspberries, blueberries, hard boiled eggs, feta cheese and avocado.

July 9th- Saturday night.  We spent the evening at our local elementary school park.  We came home close to 8:00 PM.  we are grilled cheese and blueberries.


July 10th- I made this Broccoli and Cheese Chopped Salad with Pork Tenderloin. <– Recipe here!

July 11th- Our first #MeatlessMonday.   Zucchini Parmesan.  We topped this with marinara sauce.  My in-laws brought us a HUGE bag of zucchini from their garden.

July 12th- #Tacotuesday !  We had beef tacos with Greek Yogurt and salad with avocado



July13th-  I used the rest of our zucchini to make a creamy zucchini soup with grilled cheese croutons.

July 14th- We had Cheeseburger Quinoa Casserole<– recipe here!  and Steamed Broccoli from our garden.

July 15th- A Pregnancy Craving.  BBQ Beef Pizza ( BBQ Beef is store bought) and strawberries.

July 16-18

July 16th- My husband camped out with my sons.  We had a camping dinner.  Hot dogs over the fire, watermelon and broccoli salad.  We also had Smores.

July 17th- We had Thai Peanut Crusted Chicken with hoisin sauce, sweet potato mash and a caesar salad kit.

July18th- #Meatless Monday!  We had 5-6 yellow squash from my in-laws.  I made a pasta sauce out of it.  We topped corn, angel hair and asparagus


July 19th- We had sloppy joe melts, sweet potato fries and blueberries.

July 20th- We had Egg salad on Sour dough and veggie chips

July 21st- This day was REALLY hot.  We had cold peanut rice noodles, watermelon and caesar salad


July 22nd- No photo.  We had appetizers with friends.  forget to take a photo

July 23rd- Had a BBQ Ranch Salad with my Greek Yogurt Ranch Deviled Eggs. <– recipe here!

July24th- Had meatballs that my friend Maureen left at our house.  Steamed asparagus and sliced cucumbers from our garden


July 25th- #MeatlessMonday!  We had Coconut Curry Fried Rice with roasted cauliflower <– recipe here!

July 26th- We had beef sandwiches on onion rolls, kale chopped salad and Iowa Sweet Corn

July 27th- We had Caprese pasta using basil and tomatoes from the garden.  and frozen veggies.

july 28-30

July 28th- We had 4 grain rice, green beans from our garden and maple-mustard roasted salmon. Kids had plain maple syrup on theirs.

July 29th- We stopped at Culvers on our way to Chicago.  My 2 year old got sick- no photo was taken.

July 30th- left the kids at my brothers house- we got Chicago style pizza with a few of my high-school friends in Lincoln Park.

July 31- No photo was taken.  their was a death in my husband’s extended family. 

I’ll be back next month with a check in!   Im almost 30 weeks pregnant- we will see if the meals get strange!


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