What I ate for Dinner in June


Last month, I shared with you guys what I served my family for dinner for about 40 days.   If you follow me on Instagram, <—–follow me-  then you might notice, that I post my dinners every night.

Not just the pretty, healthy ones either.   I post leftovers, hot dogs,  and nights out.    I do think that people need balance in their lives.   I might have a hot dog at party one night for dinner- followed by a veggie packed salad the next.

Here is a round -up of what I served my family every night for the month of June.    I can say that June was a really busy month for us.  We had activities almost every weekend.  We had a lot of fast dinners that aren’t perfect, but I tried to add some veggies or salad to them.

One thing I noticed as I scowered the instagram at other people’s dinners.   I might have a bit more food on my plate then other people.   There is a good reason for this.

1)  I am very active.  I participate in a Workweek Hustle group through my Fit bit.  I workout at the gym 3-4 days a week, and I spend the rest of my time chasing after my kids.    I am usually very hungry when dinnertime arrives.

2) And they’re this……..


Yes. I am 20 something weeks pregnant with my third boy.  ( honestly, I wish I could tell you how many weeks I am.  Things are different when it’s your third. LOL. )   If you are following my dinners, and see some weird combos- well, that is why 🙂

Here are all the dinners I served my family In June.   I forgot to take photos on 2 of the days.  I left them blank- but I will still list what we had below.


June 1st-  We went out for Pizza with my parents at the Wild Tomato in Fish Creek, Wisconsin- our last night of vacation

June 2nd We made it back home and celebrated my husband’s birthday with Sausage and Peppers Polenta Bowls.  <—- Click for the recipe.

June 3rd-  My friend from high school visited with her kids.  We had hamburgers, vegetable chips, broccoli salad and quinoa salad


June 4th-  My husband was a saint.  He watched our kids, plus my friend’s kids while we went out to Cafe’ Due in Cedar Falls.

June 5th- We had mango salad dressing marinated chicken, broccoli salad and Slow Cooker Chorizo baked beans <– click for recipe!

June 6th-  We had Summer Cobb Salad <—- click for recipe  and the Pioneer Women’s carrot soup <– click for recipe


June 7th- We ate Barbecue chicken tacos, Caesar salad and Corn

June 8th- We ate fresh herb and corn Tuna Cakes ( like a crab cake, just Tuna), salad and Necterines

June 9th- We had angel hair pasta, sauteed brussels sprouts, Italian marinated chicken and goat cheese


June 10th- We had leftover angel hair, store bought meatballs and salad- We were preparing for a family reunion

June 11- We were back from a long day at a family reunion.  We had hamburgers, french-fries and salad

June 12th- We spent a long day in Des Moines and were back.  We had leftover pasta and watermelon.


June 13th- We had BLT Naan Flatbread Pizzas, Sauteed brussles sprouts and grapes

June 14th-  We had a summer cauliflower-corn chowder and parmesan broiled naan bread

June 15th- We had leftover soup, Sour cream and onion deviled eggs <—-click for recipe, and grapes.


June 16th– Super Thin pork chop sandwiches, steamed brussels sprouts and Spinach and Artichoke Potato Salad <— click for recipe

June 17th-  Forgot to take a photo.  We ordered out pizza

June 18th- We had Beef tacos using Frontera Taco Sauce ( not sponsored), beans and watermelon


June 19th-  We had turkey hotdogs, canned baked beans, watermelon and salad-  this was after I realized we didn’t have any food around

June 20th-  We had sloppy Joes, leftover beans and a Kale and Cabbage chopped salad

June 21st-  Polenta, sun-dried tomato chicken sausage, roasted cauliflower and salad


June 22ndCherry-Balsamic, Bacon-wrapped Pork Loin <—– recipe here. ,  Kale-Garlic Quinoa ( this was a steam-fresh bag) and corn

June 23rd- Hamburgers, Sweet Potato Fries and a Frozen Prince Edward Vegetable Medley.

June 24th– DIY Pizza Crust Pizza smothered in goat cheese and cherries


June 25th- No Photo- We had an all day cookout with our college friends.  Sloppy Joe’s, Beans, salad, brownies. The works.

June 26th-  We attended a retirement party.  Hot Dog, Potato Salad, Beans.

June 27th- Leftover Sloppy Joes, beans, and made a small broccoli salad, using broccoli from our garden


June 28th-  We had a Strawberry and Broccoli Cobb Salad with rotisserie chicken, goat cheese and hard boiled eggs.  I used Italian dressing with this.

June 29th- We had “Super grain taco skillet”.  Quinoa, farro and brown rice cooked with tomato paste, frozen corn, beans, taco seasoning, rotisserie chicken and greek yogurt.   We topped this with salsa and Guac

June 30th-  We were on a road trip and stopped at Wendy’s for dinner.  I had a grilled chicken sandwich.   Needless to say, It left a lot to be desired.

Well there is june for you.    To check out my nightly dinner photos, follow me on Instagram!


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