Greek Yogurt Ranch Deviled Eggs

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A few weeks ago, I made these awesome Sour Cream and Onion Deviled Eggs.   I loved them so much, that I decided to try Greek Yogurt Ranch Deviled Eggs too.

I have been a little obsessed with Greek Yogurt Ranch this year.   I found out that Greek Yogurt Ranch Dip is only 1 weight watchers point!  ( I don’t count ww points, but I guess that means it’s not too bad.)   Plus, it is just delicious!

This year, I have also made Greek Yogurt Ranch Crispy Chicken and Greek Yogurt Ranch Mashed Potatoes.   All of these Greek Yogurt Ranch recipes have been a hit with my family!

Greekyogurtranch deviled eggs

If you buy the pre made ranch dip packets- you will see that most stores now offer one that is specifically meant for Greek Yogurt.  I love it!   You could also try a homemade ranch dressing recipe too.

Greek Yogurt Ranch Deviled Eggs ( Yields 12 deviled eggs)


6 Hard boiled eggs

1 packet of greek yogurt ranch seasoning

8 ounces of Plain greek yogurt

  • You will not be using all 8 ounces of Greek Yogurt ranch with this recipe

Method: Make your greek yogurt ranch ahead of time.  Make the greek yogurt ranch according to the instructions on the packet.   Let the Greek Yogurt Ranch Dip cool in the fridge for at least an hour before using it.    Make Hard Boiled Eggs.  Bring water to a boil, gently place the eggs in the boiling water and let boil for 10 minutes.  remove from water and place them in a bowl in the sink.  Rinse the eggs with cold water for several minutes.  Peel the eggs and cut each egg in half.  Place the yolks in a bowl and mix them with 1/2 cup of greek yogurt ranch- or a little more.   Using a cookie scoop, place 1-2 teaspoons of egg yolk back into each egg white half.   Chill in the fridge if you are not eating them right away.

GreekYogurtranch deggs

This is a great recipe.  It is refreshing and doesn’t need any Mayo.  You won’t miss it, I promise!

Greek Yogurtranch deviled eggs05



  1. I love how simple this recipe is, I was looking for something to make this evening and these deviled eggs seem to be it.

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  3. I love deviled eggs, but never had a chance to try it before. This is such a wonderful recipe with eggs & I love that it is quiet simple & easy to do, yet a creative one that my kids would love so much.

  4. My kids love deviled eggs.. This is such a great idea! I would have never thought of using greek yogurt.

  5. I love deviled eggs! These ones sound amazing too. I love that you have a different spin on them. I can’t wait to try them out.

  6. Nikki Wayne

    Oh, I want to try this recipe. I heard of deviled eggs and it is really intriguing!

  7. Ive never made them this way before but I love the idea. Yogurt is way better for you than mayo/miracle whip.

  8. Elizabeth O.

    Greek yogurt in deviled eggs? That sounds amazing and it’s the perfect alternative for mayo. I love the flavor too, ranch is very tasty and it’s going to go well with the eggs. Thanks for the lovely idea and I’m definitely going to try this!

  9. This is such a cool recipe. I need to try making deviled eggs like this next time. The guys would love them.

  10. This is a new recipe for deviled eggs that i have to try. my family enjoys deviled eggs and i am always looking for other ways to tweak the basic recipe. I will try your suggestion of adding greek yogurt ranch dressing.


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