Five Summer Activities That Will Keep Your Kids Busy- So You Can Relax a little!

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Last week, we had just come home from my older son’s last day of preschool- when my husband asked.

” So how are you going to keep these kids busy all summer?”

And yes, this was a very valid question.

In addition to blogging, I also stay at home with my two boys, ages 4 and 2.  PLUS, I am expecting another child this fall.  My two sons are VERY energetic and love to play rough.  They love to run and get into things.   I find that our house works best when they have something fun to do.   Also, I find that activities and toys where they get to use their imagination are so much more valuable than any electronic toys we have in our house.

I love to be able to hang out on the deck and unwind. -Even if it just for a few minutes. ¬†I don’t like to be hooked on electronics when I am watching my kids play, but I do like to chill out with a magazine. ¬†Last week, I picked up two of my favorites when I was at Jewel-Osco.

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So far this spring, ¬†I have come up with a handful of activities they like to do in our backyard, while I can relax a little. ¬† Being pregnant, I can’t be running around with them¬†all¬†the time. ¬† Here are 5 ¬†activities that seriously keep them busy for a long time- so I can kick back and relax a little and have some ” Me time

1 Baby Pool Filled With Corn- ¬†This might be the best $15.00 I have ever spent. ¬†Last fall I purchased a baby pool on sale, along with a bag of corn from a farm supply store. ¬†We usually keep the corn in a plastic container on the deck. ¬†And every 1-2 weeks I will dump the corn out and let the kids play. ¬†My kids will usually play in the corn nicely and quietly for 1-2 HOURS! ¬† I will give them cups, spoons, egg cartons, muffins tins and other fun containers and toys to play with. ¬†This really gives me a chance to kick back and have some “me time”


¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†2. Bubbles and Bubble Guns-¬†I am not usually into buying my kids too many toys. ¬†BUT ¬†I have no problem supplying them with bubble solution, bubble wands and bubble makers to last them for the duration of the summer. ¬†I like putting their bubble solution into a small plastic container and letting them ”¬†experiment” with it. ¬†My older son has figured out how to blow bubbles with cookie cutters and how to blow bubbles with some of his sand toys. ¬†They love to count bubbles, make really big ones and jump on them. ¬† My kids will usually play bubbles nicely together for 30-45 minutes- more than enough time for me to get some ” me time” in while I sit on the deck and watch them.

3.Chalk and their outdoor chalkboard –¬†Both of my boys love to color with chalk- especially my younger son. ¬†They love drawing pictures of their family, writing their letters ( loosely writing their letters), ¬†and even creating stories as they draw with chalk. ¬†I pretty much let them color with chalk anywhere they want in our backyard- our wooden swing set, the floor of our deck, the cement fire pit ( which we have never actually had a fire in) . ¬†I figure the rain will clean it up. ¬† I know not everyone is so relaxed about this, but we are. ¬†It makes them happy and helps enhance their imaginations. ¬† My husband built my kids a really easy ” DIY chalkboard” a few weeks ago. ¬†We just happened to have a leftover piece of plywood in our garage. ¬†My husband sprayed it with chalkboard spray paint and hung it on our fence. ¬†Playing with chalk will usually keep my kids happy and busy for about 30 minutes. – which can be an eternity when you’re a mom to small kids.


¬† ¬† 4. Outdoor Carwash –¬†I have seen a lot of ” kids activities” on Pinterest over the years. ¬†Many of them require a lot of prep work and they don’t hold my kids attention long enough to make the effort. ¬†Also, many of them make a huge mess. ¬†Too much of a mess for how long the activity will last. ¬† One activity that I found on Pinterest that I keep going back to is the toy carwash. ¬† ¬†I will fill up my kids water table- along with many other buckets and plastic containers of water. ¬†I will put out funnels, sponges and cups of all shapes and sizes. ¬†I will also bring all of their plastic cars outside. ¬† My boys will play nicely with their car wash for at least an hour. ¬†It it totally worth the effort of putting it together. ¬†Another great opportunity for me to get some “Me time” while watching them out on the deck.


5.¬†Play dough –¬†I must admit. ¬†I stayed away from Play dough for a LONG time. ¬†The mess. ¬†Seriously. ¬†Until I brought it out one day and they sat quietly and played if for close to TWO HOURS. ¬†So I have decided that even if they make¬†¬†a total mess, it is still worth it. ¬†Plus, the kids have so much fun! ¬† We have a play dough basket in our house. ¬†I keep cookie cutters, stamps, straws, popcicle sticks, muffin tins, egg cartons, little match box cars, small toy figurines, ¬† and all the fun toys that have come with playdough sets. ¬† ¬†My kids Love it! ¬†I love listening to the stories they tell when they are playing pretend with their play dough! ¬†I also let them bring it out on the deck! ¬†This way, those small play dough crumbs bother me even less! ¬†Such a great way to get some ” Me time” and it’s much cheaper than a babysitter. ūüôā

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of PEOPLE¬ģ, Real Simple¬ģ, InStyle¬ģ, CookingLight¬ģ and Sunset¬ģ. The opinions and text are all mine.



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