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Sometimes going onto Pinterest for dinner ideas can be super overwhelming.   ” People make dinners that look like that?”  Yes. Food bloggers can make food look pretty,  but usually, there is a nice camera and wonderful, natural light involved.  Not all our dinners look like the ones on Pinterest- at least mine don’t

This spring, I have started getting involved in Instagram. ( <<<–follow me!)  I started posting some photos of pretty food.  Then soon, I started posting what my family eats for dinner every night.   I have been having a super fun time with it!  – And I don’t just post the pretty ones.  I post the frozen pizzas, the leftovers the nights we eat out.

I have a real family.  Things come up.  We can get swamped.  Plus, I don’t have unlimited access to fancy ingredients.  My family lives on a budget.  – like normal people do.

I am going to post all the dinners I have made my family for the last month or so.  I forgot to post twice this past month- plus one photo that I posted on Instagram was deleted on accident.   I still plan on posting nightly dinners, so check them out! 

Here are some things that you may notice about dinners I make my family. 

1).  I serve lots of sweet potatoes-  That is because both of my kids love them!  If I know they like something healthy- I will make it for them!

2.) I serve a serving of fruit with dinner- Even though my two boys usually try or eat their vegetables- I like to include fruit too.

3.) I try to make meat stretch into a second meal- I love round two recipes!  There are so many things you can do with leftover meat!  When I take the time to make a chicken or a roast, I like to at least make it last through two dinners and a lunch.

4.) You might notice a lot of Polenta- Polenta takes 5 minutes to make!  It is so comfortable and light!  Plus, it is cheap!  One cup of cornmeal makes enough polenta for my family to eat during a meal.

5). You will see some store-bought dinner items- Um yeah, even though I blog about making healthy food, it doesn’t happen 100% of the time!  Part of the reason why I love doing these Instagram posts is that I like to “keep it real.”   So yeah, Healthy food bloggers sometimes eat frozen pizza or even pre-made frozen lasagna. 🙂

Here are my dinners for the last month or so.   Next time I post my dinners, I plan on making the photos clearer- I wasn’t planning on making this a blog post when I started.


  1. Leftover Pot roast with roasted asparagus over polenta
  2. Ham-Gouda and honey-mustard Panini’s plus some creamy asparagus soup <–click the link for the recipe! 
  3. Chicken Cordon Bleu Quinoa Casserole <– click the link for the recipe!
  4. Slow cooker turkey breast sandwiches

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5. Homemade Protein-Packed Pad Thai <– click for recipe!  – This was a Saturday night dinner.

6. Smoked Pork, sauteed brussels sprouts and Greek Yogurt ranch mashed potatoes<– click for recipe. 

7. BBQ Hawaiian pita pizzas using leftover pork and Steamed broccoli

8. Hamburgers and Tater-tots

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9. Cornflake crusted chicken, and broccoli cheese sauce over rice

10. Frozen Pizza from Aldi

11.  Slow Cooker Cashew Chicken Lettuce Wraps <– click for recipe 

12.  Grilled Chicken Sandwiches, with tomatoes and avocado.  side salad and fruit

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13. Store-bought meatballs from the deli department at Sam’s Club over polenta, with red sauce and goat cheese creamed spinach <– click here for the recipe! 

14. Frozen Lasagna from Costco and salad

15. A Rotisserie chicken from Fareway, chopped salad and mashed potatoes

16.  BBQ chicken and chicken Caesar salad flatbread( using leftover chicken), roasted asparagus and pineapple

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17.  Slow cooker pot roast, sweet potato mash, and roasted broccoli

18.  Shepherds pie- using leftover pot roast, sweet potato mash, and frozen veggies

19.  Chicken Feta Sausage and spinach tossed with pasta and a lemon cream sauce

20.  Pioneer Women’s Sloppy Joes, <– click for recipe. tater-tots, grapes, and salad.

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21.  Grilled chicken sandwiches with pineapple

22.  Pretzel crusted chicken nuggets, frozen peas, and fruit

23.  Bacon-Avocado Caesar Salad Sandwich <— click for recipe! 

24. Mango-Ginger beef and broccoli <—click for recipe! 

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26.  Italian dressing marinated chicken, sweet potato mash, goat cheese creamed spinach<— click for recipe. And clementines.

27. Quick taco night using a rotisserie chicken from Fareway

28.  Chicken Avocado and cheese open-faced toasty sandwiches- using leftover rotisserie chicken

29.  A night out at Los Aztecas as we were traveling through Dubuque, Iowa

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30.  Make your pizza night at my parents’ house- plus a beautiful salad- made by my mom

31.  Mother’s Day Dinner! There was lots of food.  This is my plate!

32. Slow Cooker Rotisserie Chicken<— click for recipe! and sweet potato mash

33.  Chicken Caesar Salad- using leftover chicken and Sneaky Mom Cauliflower Mac and Cheese<—click here for the recipe

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34. – Pretzel and Beer Bratwurst <—click for recipe!

35.  Homemade Cheeseburger Mac- using leftover cauliflower puree as the cheese

36.  Meatball, kale, and goat cheese Naan Pizzas- using the last of Sam’s club meatballs I had stashed in the freezer.

37.  Slow Cooker Hungarian Goulash with Hidden Kale over polenta and topped with goat cheese.

Well!  I hope you liked my dinners for the last month ( a little over a month).  Hopefully, I will be back in another month or so to share with you again!   In the meantime, check my nightly dinners out on My Instagram Page. 

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