Favorite things in 2015

Happy New Year!   Does anyone else have a hard time believing that it is 2016?

I had such a great year.  I watched my baby boys grow into wonderful, smart radiant young children.  ( They’re now at the respective ages of 2 and 4).   I traveled to Door County, Wisconsin with my family-twice.  I traveled to Marco Island with my family last January.   I started running seriously again, which resulted in a 12 lb weight loss.  Celebrated my 9th wedding anniversary and turned this little ole blog of mine into a full fledged business!

2015 was a great year.   But I know that 2016 will be even better.  I do believe that life gets better as you get older.  I was once afraid of getting older, but now I am just so excited to see what life has in store for me.

Here were some of my favorite things in 2015. 

Favorite New Kitchen Tool-  Silicone Baking Cups.  ( <— affiliate link)   Oh My!  How did I ever live without these?   I LOVE them.  My sister-in-law gave them to me for my birthday last year, they’re amazing!   In 2015, I used silicone baking cups in my kitchen ALL the time!  Like in my Sangria Fruit Cups, My Frozen Kale Pie Cups and my Ricotta Cheesecakes.


 Favorite Post:  Healthy Frozen Banana Snickers Bites.  Not my most popular post.  But my favorite.  I made these several times this year and LOVED them!


Favorite Quote: One that I got from my Sister-in-law’s blog 


Favorite 2015 Family Tradition: Taking Family Selfies – My family did that numerous times in 2015.   I just think it’s fun.  Plus, I love having family photos.


Favorite Low Carb Dinner Idea:  Hawaiian Pizza Chicken.  This was a big hit with the family.  My boys love Ham!


Favorite T.V Show: First People’s.  I have always been so interested in human genetics.  This show was a T.V highlight of my year.


Favorite New Social Media:  Instagram:  I realize that I am one of the last people to join.  But I am hooked!

( follow me!) 



Your Favorite Post of 2015:  Almond Joy Banana Ice Cream: This post was my highest new post for generating traffic in 2015


Favorite Meal:  One Bacon Wrapped Pork Loin that I cooked with a group of my Iowa Food Blogger Friends!  The Gingered Whisk, Pork Diaries, Food and Swine, The Sustainable Couple, In the Kitchen with Jenny and Rockin the Kitchen.


Favorite Day Trip:  A family trip to Wilson’s Apple Orchard.  


Favorite Round Up:  Freezer Convenience Foods 


Favorite Accomplishment:  Turning this Little Ole Blog into my Job.



Here is to a new beginnings and a wonderful 2016!  Thank you for a wonderful year in blogging!  and Thanks for visiting!



  1. I love these year in review posts. It amazes me all the great ideas which are shared. Tumbleweed Contessa is hosting a Best of 2015 round up party. I’d love for you to share this.

    Wishes for tasty dishes in 2016,


  2. Love your wrap up for the year! Best wishes for 2016!


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