5 tips for a successful morning routine- with toddlers


This past few weeks have ben really cold.  It has been near impossible to get my children out of their warm beds in the morning, let alone get out the door in time.   I have had to re-think a few things in order to get us to our respective places on time.

When we are racing out the door- we get a bit stressed out.   Re-thinking and tweeking our morning routine has helped us our moods immensely.

When Yoplait asked me to try their new breakfast product, I of course accepted.  I am always looking for new easy and healthy things to serve for breakfast.   My kids have been on a Greek Yogurt kick lately.   My 24 month old told the doctor at his 2 year check up that his favorite food was ” Vanilla Greek Yogurt”.

Plenti Oatmeal11

These Yoplait- Plenti Oatmeal Meets Greek Yogurt really reminded me of all those overnight oat recipes you see all over Pinterest.  It was really delicious!

5 Tip for a successful morning routine 

  1.  Wake up before your children- On cold winter mornings, this one is hard.  I have started waking up 30-60 minutes before my kids and I actually love it.  I LOVE  drinking a cup of hot coffee alone before the kids wake up.  It is worth it, and sets a good mood for the day.
  2. Lay out clothes, coats and backpacks the night before- My kids both tend to take a lot of time deciding on what they want to wear.  ( opinionated little guys).  Plus, we were spending a lot of time in the morning rounding up shoes, snow pants, hats and gloves.   I started laying out their clothes before bedtime, it saves us loads of time in the morning.
  3. Go to bed at a reasonable hour- After a few days, of struggling to get my kids out of bed.  I had them go to bed 20-30 minutes earlier.  Better for them to wake up refreshed.
  4. Make sure your kids understand what you expect– I started explaining to my older son- ahead of time- what he needed to do when he woke up in the morning.   He now knows to dress himself, put on his shoes and to brush his teeth before coming downstairs.
  5. Keep Healthy Breakfast items on hand Oh my goodness!  This one is so important!   I like to prepare breakfasts of substance for my kids.  Enough healthy food to last them till lunch.  Fruits, vegetables,  whole grains, cheese, yogurt or eggs are usually par of our breakfast routine.   Also, nothing is worse than feeding the kids and skipping breakfast yourself.


Yoplait’s Plenti Oatmeal meets Greek Yogurt was an extremely filling and satisfying breakfast that lasted me until lunch.   Three mornings a week, I run 3 miles at the gym immediately following dropping off my son at school.   I am always looking for breakfasts that will last, but not fill me up too much.

Yoplait’s Plenti Meets Greek Yogurt comes in 6 delicious flavors.



Maple – Brown Sugar 




Plentioatmeal blueberry

If you are interested in trying Plenti Oatmeal Meets Greek Yogurt,  you can visit their website for a coupon.   You can also find them on Facebook and Instagram.




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