Apple Pie Goat Cheese Bake


Apple Pie Goat Cheese Appetizer 01


Here is a super easy appetizer for you that will please anyone!   I personally think that soft goat cheese is among the world’s greatest foods.  And who doesn’t love apple pie?

Family Dinners in the Suburbs of Chicago.  My family always loved our family dinners at Emilios.   My favorite Tapas to order was baked goat cheese in tomato sauce.    I love baked goat cheese in sauces soooo much.  I decided that instead of baking goat cheese in a savory sauce, I would try it with a pie filling.   Apple Pie Filling!

Normally I would make homemade pie filling, but during the holidays I am strapped for time just like everyone else.  So make homemade if you want, but I used canned apple pie filling.

I do think that any kind of pie filling would taste outstanding-baked with goat cheese.  Cherry Pie Filling, Blueberry, anything!  Plus you can serve this with gluten-free crackers for a yummy gluten-free pie option.


This appetizer is so easy!  You only need two ingredients.  Apple Pie filling and goat cheese.  All you have to do is bake the apple pie and goat cheese until the goat cheese gets creamy, and the apple pie filling bubbles.




Apple Pie.

This is amazing.

Apple Pie Goat Cheese

Apple Pie Goat Cheese Bake 


1 log of creamy goat cheese

1 can of apple pie filling – or homemade pie filling

1 box of pretzels or crackers of your choice

Method:  In a small baking dish or pie pan, place pie filling and dollop goat cheese slices on top.  bake at 350 degrees f for 20 minutes or until the pie filling is bubbling.  remove from oven and serve still warm.

Goat Cheese Apple Pie

This was amazing, and I plan on making this for my mom over Christmas.  She loves goat cheese too.

Apple Pie Goat Cheese Appetizer 001



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