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Today’s post has been sponsored by Unilever, but all opinions are my own.    Please visit their website to find out more ways you can help donate meals this holiday season.  

What if I told you that all you have to do is share hashtag #ShareAMeal and Unilever will donate a meal to Feeding America?

My guess is, that if you have ever felt what it’s like to be hungry, you would take the time to share #ShareAMeal.   I have never experienced food insecurity, but I know how awful it feels to be hungry.  I get cranky and tired.  I can’t even imagine having to live life not knowing where my next meal will come from.

Let me give you a heart wrenching fact:

1 in 5 children in America face hunger every day.

Kids who live in large cities.  Kids who live in the country and kids who live in your own community.  It is so easy to get stressed out about the holidays.  The food, the gifts, the parties, the plans.  But there are so many families who wont have those festive celebrations.

I have been reflecting a lot lately on how I want to give back this holiday season.  Especially when I realized that my kids don’t really need anything for Christmas.  The a few weeks ago, when I was Christmas shopping online, I decided on one $30.00 gift both boys would share from Santa with maybe some stocking stuffers.  I then realized, that my family doesn’t need anything more.  I thought, maybe I should use some of my extra money to make sure other families can celebrate the holidays too.


You can help.  You can donate food to your local food bank this holiday season. Or you can simply share the hashtag #ShareAMeal on Instagram or Twitter.  When you do this, Unilever will donate a meal.

Through their partnership with Feeding America, Unilever has been able to provide more than 30 million meals to those in need in just the last five years.

You can also check out your Sunday paper, THIS Sunday, November 15th for a Unilever coupon.  Take this coupon to purchase any Unilever approved product, and Unilever will donate a meal.

To find a list of approved Unilever products, visit their website.

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  1.  Donate money or food to your local food pantry or food drive.
  2. Donate food that is of high nutritional value.  Don’t just get away of the “unused cans” in the back of your pantry.  Donate food that people will want to eat, and think of items that would be apart of a nutritious meal for a family.
  3. Don’t donate food that has been mislabeled or that has expired
  4. Food banks are often in need of high protein food items.  Beans, peanut butter and canned meat make helpful food donations
  5. Help out at a local soup kitchen
  6. If you know of a child at your kids school who may be food insecure, anonymously help out.

And remember to share the hashtag #ShareAMeal.   Visit Unilever’s website for more information.  Or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest.

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  1. Robin Masshole Mommy

    How awesome that Unilever is doing this. I hate to think of anyone going without.

  2. What a great way to get donations for a very worthwhile cause. Yes, I went in to Unilever and retweeted about three tweets there–now I will retweet yours!

  3. That’s is such a nice cause to be part of, hunger is such a serious issue. I think this is great for Unilever to do this to help out.

  4. What a fabulous program, I will definitely share the hashtag!

  5. There are great ways to make a difference in your community. I like that we can help others just by sharing on social media too!

  6. No one should go hungry! I love that Unilever is doing this!

  7. We donate several times a year, including a mass drive for Thanksgiving. Such a great cause.


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