Chocolate-Caramel Blender Frozen Yogurt

Blender Chocolate Caramel Frozen Yogurt

Thank you to Yoplait for sponsoring today’s post. ¬†You can find out more about the Yoplait¬†products offered at Wal-mart on¬†their website. ¬†

Similar to my post earlier this week, making blender frozen yogurt has been on my ” list of things to make” for well over a year. ¬†I am so happy that I finally did it, because it turned out so well.

I keep plain yogurt and Greek yogurt around the house as a staple.  Last week, I showed you how I use plain yogurt in the place of mayo in a healthy dip.   But I also use plain yogurt in many healthy treats for my family as well.  I often use yogurt in smoothies, homemade popcicles and other fun treats.  I love finding new ways to naturally sweeten yogurt.  There are so many tasty treats you can make using plain yogurt that the kids will love.

This Chocolate-Caramel Blender Yogurt is naturally sweetened with maple syrup and dates. ¬†If it doesn’t turn out sweet enough for you, add a little more maple syrup or a little sugar.

frozen yogurt

The best part about this blender frozen yogurt, is that you don’t need to have an ice cream maker! ¬† You do need to complete a few steps in advance though. ¬† The night before making this blender frozen yogurt, I placed the yogurt in silicone cupcake molds and froze them. ¬† You don’t need silicone cupcake molds. ¬†You can use an ice cube tray to freeze your yogurt, or you can simply freeze the yogurt in a quart sized freezer bag. ¬†I just love using my silicone baking cups, because the yogurt was so easy to get out.

Blender frozen yogurt 3

Blender Frozen Yogurt 9

Chocolate-Caramel Blender Frozen Yogurt 


3 cups of Yoplait¬ģ¬†Plain Yogurt¬†

1/3 cup of unsweetened cocoa

6  pitted dates- soaked overnight in water

2 teaspoons of maple syrup

1/3 cup of milk

1 teaspoon of pure vanilla extract

Method: The day before, freeze your yogurt.  You can put them in silicone baking cups, an ice tray or a freezer bag.   Also, soak your dates overnight in water.  In your blender, mix frozen yogurt, and all of the other ingredients.  You may have to add more milk if the mixture seems too thick.   Once you get your desired consistency and flavor, enjoy!

* If you add too much milk and the consistency of the frozen yogurt turns out runny, put the frozen yogurt in a cake pan and freeze for 30-40 minutes before eating.

blender frozen yogurt 100

This frozen yogurt ended up so good! ¬†I can’t wait to try more flavors! ¬† You should visit the Yoplait selections at Wal-mart, you will find some really good looking yogurt ideas. ¬†I know, that it is important to feed my kids healthy food! ¬†This doesn’t mean you need to compromise on taste!

Blender Frozen Yogurt 101

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Yoplait¬ģ. The opinions and text are all mine.



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