DIY “Go Gurt” with hidden veggies


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Last year, I posted my DIY ” Go-Gurt,” and ever since I have meant to post a few more flavors.

A little recap of how I got into making my own “Go-Gurt.” I have always been a little disappointed with the sugar content of kids yogurt, and have found that simply blending fruit with plain yogurt is just as tasty. Even if you choose to add honey or a little sugar to your DIY “Go-Gurt,” it will still be much less sugar than what you find in pre-packaged yogurt. I decided to take this up a notch, and add hidden veggies to this already healthy snack.

I use these “Zipcicles” to make my DIY “Go-Gurts”. If you want something reusable, you can use these silicone molds as well.


I made three flavors of this Hidden Veggie “Go-Gurt.” I didn’t make a special shopping trip for these recipes; I just matched up the fruits and veggies in my fridge by color. Orange fruit with an orange vegetable. This is how you hide those veggies! If you aren’t into the flavors I made, then think about any smoothie you would make using fruits and veggies. Use those flavors.


Three “Hidden Veggie Go-Gurt” recipes.

For each recipe, you will want to put all of the ingredients in your blender and blend. THEN, use a funnel to get the yogurt into each yogurt bag.

Apricot with hidden carrots
1 1/2 cups of yogurt ( or plain Greek yogurt)
1 carrot, peeled and cut
2 apricots
1 tablespoon of honey ( or your choice of sweetener)

Banana-lime with hidden spinach
1 cup of plain yogurt ( or plain Greek yogurt)
1/2 cup of fresh spinach
juice and zest of one lime
1 banana ( used as the sweetener)

Strawberry-Blueberry Banana with hidden spinach
1 cup of plain yogurt
1/2 cup of fresh spinach
3/4 cup of berries ( strawberries and blueberries. any ratio you like)
1 banana ( used as the sweetener)


I didn’t include the vegetable when I marked each bag ( although in my house, it doesn’t matter. My kids don’t read yet)

I am sure that there are so many ways you can hide vegetables in your kid’s yogurt. There are MANY fun combos I bet you could come up with! My Three-year-old asked for the “lime green” one. The lime spinach one is very similar to the smoothie he always asks for.





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