Vanilla Latte Popcicles


Yeah.  Another Frozen Coffee Recipe.  Sorry.  Not Sorry. 

You see it’s¬†Hot. ¬†¬†And I spend most of my time chasing my two boys. ¬†I am worn out. ¬† Naturally, all I want is cold salads, cold drinks and coffee.¬†

Plus, I am still obsessed with my new silicone popcicile mold.  I have already made Lemon Cheesecake Popcicles and Healthy Firecracker Popcicles, among other flavors.

These Vanilla Latte Popcicles are easy to make.  They only contain 4 ingredients.  They can easily be made Dairy-Free with the right kind of milk.  And they have no added sugar.



I like to use this Vanilla Bean powder in smoothies and popcicles.  Pure Vanilla Extract contains alcohol, and the alcohol does not evaporate unless you actually cook it.

Vanilla Latte Popcicles – Makes 8


3/4 cup of coffee

1/3 cup of milk. ( Milk of your choice)

1 banana

1 teaspoon of vanilla bean powder. ¬†You can always use pure vanilla extract if you don’t have any.

Method: In your blender, mix all of the ingredient together.  pour the mixture into the popcicle molds.  put in the popcicle sticks.  Freezer for 4-6 hours before enjoying.

** If you want your popcicles be creamier, you can add more milk and less coffee**


I shared one of these with my mom today. ¬†At first, I think she was pretty freaked out when I told her these coffee pops were actually sweetened with bananas. ¬†But then she agreed that they tasted pretty fantastic. ¬† If you are totally freaked out, don’t be.




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