Milk and Honey- Coffee Ice Cubes


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Here is a fun life hack for summer.  Do you hate watered down cold drinks?  Then make ice cubes out of liquid you are drinking.  It keeps the drink cold, and you won’t get that watered down taste!   My mom and I actually picked up this idea when we were throwing my sister-in-law her wedding shower a few years ago.  We made punch ice cubes to put in the punch.  

Iced coffee, after the ice has melted can be  disappointing.  These milk and honey coffee ice cubes give plain afternoon iced coffee a rich flavor with a hint of sweetness.

I used these silicone ice cube trays for my ice cubes.  I highly suggest using silicone when you freeze frozen treats.  the items pop right out without any work at all!

I used this Mastrad Silicone Ice Tray.  Amazon has so many cool looking silicone ice trays, I might have to try some more out.


I put a little honey at the bottom of each ice cube.  I also added some milk to these ice cubes.   This was the perfect amount of milk and sweet to add to my afternoon iced coffee.


Milk and Honey Coffee Ice Cubed -Iced Coffee 


2 teaspoons of honey -or maple syrup if you are vegan.

3 cups of cold coffee – stick your morning coffee in the fridge in a pitcher

1/3 cup of milk – your milk of choice

Method:  Drop a little bit of honey at the bottom of each ice cube mold.   In a measuring cup, mix 1 cup of cold coffee and 1/3 cup of milk.   Pour the coffee and milk mixture into the ice cube tray.  Freeze for 2-3 hours.  Pop the coffee ice cubes out of the tray and put them in a glass.  Pour 2 cups of cold coffee over the coffee ice cubes and enjoy!


I am sort of thinking that more flavors of coffee ice cubes need to be made.  Yes. I think so.   This was a fun project to get me excited about making fun coffee drinks at home.  A drink to look forward to.






  1. This idea is so simple and so genius! I love it!

  2. Such a great idea! I love the milk + honey cube combo.

  3. This is such a brilliant idea and so versatile! I’m not a coffee drinker, but may have to do this with iced tea!


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