Watermelon Yogurt Ice Pops


Ever since I posted my DIY “go gurt” last September, I knew that I wanted to experiment with some different flavors. There are just so many wonderful fruits that would make homemade fruit yogurt for kids.

What kid wouldn’t love watermelon yogurt?  These DIY “go gurts” can be easily frozen and made into healthy and delicious ice pops.

I used these zipzicle bags that I purchased on amazon.   These reusable silicone ice pops would also be a great vessel for these pops.

Watermelon was a little tricky to work with, when mixing it with yogurt.  Watermelon is, well,  “Watery” so I drained it out a bit in a colander before mixing it in my blender.


I used a potato masher to drain water out of the watermelon ( that is a potato masher, right) , and mixed it in the blender with Greek Yogurt and a small amount of honey.  I think that it is important to use Greek yogurt, because the watermelon is so watery.


I actually made this over a week ago, but pulled them out of the freezer this afternoon when my 3-year-old wanted a snack.  He took this out to the backyard and inhaled it.   This ice pop is sweetened with just watermelon and a small amount of honey.

I can’t wait to make more of these as the spring and summer continue on!




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