14 DIY Freezer Convenience foods


I know I don’t post these “round-up” posts very much.   My husband and I are planning on buying a new deep freezer soon, and I plan on filling it with more freezer foods.   Now that I am at the point where I have 300 plus recipes on this blog, plus amazing ideas from some of my close” bloggy friends”.  Posting a “round up”  is a good way to organize ideas.

But also, as I move into this phase of ” homemade” food over store bought.  I am noticing my pallet is changing.  I do prefer homemade everything over what you can get at the store.

Here is a round-up of “junk-convenience foods” that can be made much healthier, and much tastier at home.

Please click on each photo to visit that individual post.  I have included recipes from some of my favorite blogs as well as recipes from this blog.   

14 Freezer Convenience Foods

1) Healthy Homemade Freezer Chicken Nuggets 


2) DIY Freezer Waffles from Ally’s Sweet and Savory Eats


3) DIY Freezer Potato Skins


4) Bacon Wrapped Egg Muffins from Simplify Live Love


5) DIY Freezer Bagel Bites


6) DIY Frozen Pizzas from Ally’s Sweet and Savory Eats 


7) DIY Freezer Fries 


8) Breakfast AND Dinner Burritos. from culinary bliss ( Seriously, I might start making these for my husbands work lunches)


9) DIY Freezer Casserole.  ( 100 times better than already prepared frozen meals!)


10) Make Ahead Breakfast Scrambles from Ally’s Sweet and Savory Eats

 make ahead breakfast scrambles for the freezer

11) DIY Frozen Yogurt Pops  ( put my DIY go gurt in the freezer)


12) DIY Freezer Friendly Corn Dogs!  from In the Kitchen with Jenny 


13) DIY Freezer Fudge


14 Beef and Potato Burritos from Ally’s Sweet and Savory Eats


Enjoy!  I have a feeling that this round-up subject might happen again.   I am thinking that I need to make a large batch of burritos this weekend



  1. Between running my Etsy shop and working at a preschool, these ideas will come in so handy!

  2. Definitely pinning this one! Homemade stuff ALWAYS tastes better, and you don’t have to worry about all the additives! Plus, you can make so much more for less! Great post!

  3. I love making freezer meals but I’ve never tried convenience foods. We go through a lot of nuggets so I’m excited to try them and few of these others!

  4. CourtneyLynne

    Omg! These are some pretty yummy freezer meals. I really should start to do this. Would make
    Life so much easier some days!

  5. You’ve got some really awesome ideas in this round up! I make waffles to freeze each week. I’ll have to try some of the others too!

  6. These are really great ideas! Having food prepared frozen and ready to be heated saves soo much time during the busy weeks we have.

  7. Thank God for freezers and freezer bags. So glad I’m not the only who loves to do this!

  8. Kelli @ The Sustainable Couple

    Thanks for this roundup! Right now John and I are trying to ‘eat down’ the deep freezer to thaw it out and make room for a side of pork and a quarter beef. I can’t wait to try a few of these recipes this fall when the school year starts up again.

  9. i do need to try making more freezer foods.. especially those di bagel bites! 🙂 we buy so many of those. haha it’s so bad for you .. but we crave them every so often.

  10. Great post! The easier the recipe, the better it is for me. I never think about freezing things – thanks for the reminder. I was just saying yesterday how badly I want a corn dog! hehe These look great!

  11. All of these look amazing! This is one of my goals for the year is to actually stock up the freezer for those busy week nights!

  12. This looks like a great quick dinner to make up!! I have done similar to this with turkey need to try it with chicken next!

  13. I love to make food up ahead of time and freeze it! This comes in handy so much for us when we are traveling to have stuff we can pull out to make up for meals.

  14. This is an incredible list for someone like me who loves to have convenience meals ready to go.

  15. These are all fabulous recipes and I can’t agree with you more about homemade. I love to make things at home and control everything that goes into it. There is just so much excess fat and sugar that goes beyond what is needed to make it taste good. We do lots of things at home now and I am dying to get those yogurt tubes! I have even started to grate my own cheese because of all the added ingredients in pre-shredded cheese! Crazy.

  16. Wow, not sure which of these I like best, they all look amazing! Good for you to be making all of these from scratch. Frozen foods taste aweful to me, I never really buy anything frozen, except maybe ice cream 🙁

  17. I’ll be pinning this for later! There are some days it is just nice to be able to turn to the freezer for a meal.


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