13 Banana Ice Cream Recipes


Hello!   Here I am again!  Another week, another round-up.   I have been posting LOTS of frozen banana ice cream recipes lately, and I thought it was about time to organize them.  ( at the bottom of this post, I will tell you which one is my favorite)

For you newcomers.  Banana Ice Cream.  What is it?   I actually discovered Banana ice cream YEARS ago ( pre-blog) while surfing on Stumble Upon.   It’s where you freeze bananas and then you mix those bananas in the food processor until they turn into ice cream.

Is plain banana ice cream good?  Yes.  But I have always thought it needed something else in order for it to taste like dessert.  

How ripe should the banana be when you freeze it? After your banana starts getting just a few brown spots, peel it, smash it in a plastic freezer bag and freeze it.  Too ripe- and your banana ice cream gets too sweet.  Too Green- and it will just taste too “Banana-ee.”

What do you do if the frozen bananas get stuck in my blender? add a few tablespoons of milk.  stop your blender and poke around with a spoon.   If you, by accident, add too much milk, then that’s okay.  You will have a milkshake and it will still be fantastic.

13 Banana Ice Cream and Milkshakes! 

In order to see the recipe for any particular banana ice cream, simply click on the picture. 













Hope you loved all of these banana ice cream ideas!  I bet you can come up with your own special flavor!  I think that a teaspoon of pure vanilla and a few tablespoons of milk goes a long way in adding flavor to these blender ice creams.

My favorite one?   Lemon!  All the way!  It reminds me of gelato.  ( I am an Italian girl after all. 🙂 )


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