Crinkle Rutabaga Fries


Aren’t French Fries the best?   Almost two years ago, I posted this list of Low Carb French Fry ideas. And I tried a lot of the ideas on this list. I have made carrot fries and parsnip fries quite a bit.

My brother told me that he and my sister-in-law have been enjoying mashed rutabagas a lot lately.  ( don’t know my beautiful sister-in-law?  Check out her blog)

And I decided that I needed to try rutabaga fries.  Plus, I bought this fancy new crinkle cutter, so my chips would seem more like the real thing.


Don’t know much about Rutabagas?  Neither did I! ( read this article)   I think they taste like a cross between a Potato and a Sweet Potato.  PLUS a Rutabaga is 1/2 the calories of either a white potato OR a sweet potato, so if you’re trying to cut calories get more bang for your buck, you can’t go wrong!



I am not going to write out a big long recipe for these fries, because it’s pretty easy.

Cut your fries into fry shape ( they don’t need to be crinkle fries), drizzle the fries with olive oil and salt the fries generously.  Bake at 400 degrees for 30 minutes. Toss with a spatula every few minutes.

I dunked these babies in ketchup for lunch and enjoyed them.  You can top them with whatever you like.  I promise that you will not miss regular potato fries!







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