Healthy Grocery Store Frappuccino


If you are a frequent reader of this blog, then you know I love coffee.  I used to put all sorts of unhealthy things in my coffee, but I don’t anymore.  I have weaned myself off those fake coffee creamers, and have even stopped adding honey or maple syrup to my coffee.   These days, I usually add some milk, and I am okay.

But Sometimes, in the afternoon, I do want a coffee treat.

A few weeks ago, I was in the grocery store check out line with my kiddos, when I wanted something caffeinated to drink.  I took out a” grocery store”  ( You know the ones) Frapuccino out of the fridge.   Looked at the sugar content, and put it right back.   Gross.  I will tell you, once you wean yourself off sugar, overly sweet things look and taste just gross.

I decided to try making my own!  And just for fun, I bought my little milk bottle ( Hobby Lobby)

DIY Grocery Store Frappuccino  


2-3 cups of coffee. – I used the leftover coffee from our morning pot of coffee.

1/2 cup of milk – I used almond milk You can use whatever milk you like.

Two teaspoons of maple syrup

One teaspoon of vanilla extract

optional you can add chocolate powder if you like the “Mocha” flavor

Method:  Pour your leftover coffee in a jar or pitcher.  Add milk, maple syrup,  and vanilla.  Stir.  Put the mixture in your fridge and let cool.  In the afternoon, when you are ready for your coffee treat, take out of the fridge, chilled, and enjoy!



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