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I was SUPER excited when the folks at Plated asked me to review their product.  Mostly because I had already been on their website SEVERAL times DROOLING over all the recipes they offer. 

Never heard of Plated?  Plated is a company that will ship fresh, healthy ingredients to your door, so you can cook an easy, healthy dinner.  Each week, they have 7 new meals you can choose from.  Their website is very easy to navigate, you simply just choose which meals you like, and choose which day you would like your meals delivered to your home.  You will receive Everything you need to prepare a recipe, with exception of maybe salt and pepper.

For more information on Plated.  Visit their website.  OR check out their latest meal choices through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google Plus 


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 Before I left for vacation 2 weeks ago, I hopped on their website and picked 2 different dinners to arrive at my doorstep for when I returned.  I wanted my meals to arrive at the perfect time, so I could spend a sunny afternoon slowly following the directions and so I could take beautiful pictures of all the food.  

I picked 2 meals I thought looked good.   Quinoa Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms over Wilted Spinach  and Pork with Pan Roasted Parsnips and Balsamic Fig Sauce.   The Quinoa Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms were really good.  But the Pork with Pan Roasted Parsnips was Devine!

My package came around 4:00 in the afternoon, right about the time I usually start planning dinner.


Then……Life took over.

Yeah, so that night, my 9 month old got sick, Ear infection and sore throat.  He was up ALL night for several nights.  I basically had to hold him almost all day, for several days. And I was so tired.  There was no time to slowly cook this Plated dinner the way I had hoped.

PLUS.   It was cold, dark and rainy.  ALL week!  No fantastic lighting to take pictures of our delightful healthy dinners. UH!


Here is a picture of REAL life!   My sick 9 month old in his high chair eating Cherrios so I can have a free hand to actually make dinner.  My two-year old demanding snacks in mid afternoon.  Toys all over.  A hot cup of tea in late afternoon.- Oh my Goodness, I needed some Caffeine!

But Guess WHAT?

I had healthy ingredients in my fridge!  All measured out with simple instructions!  I had this! and it was EASY!


And yes, I prepared these meals ( the pork on day one and the quinoa stuffed mushrooms on day two) , at the counter with sick kids demanding me.  I loved this.  Along with the ingredients for dinner, I also had an easy recipe card.   I really thought the flavors in both meals were simple, yet complex and so flavorful.


In my little situation, which is a very typical situation of moms with small kids, I was able to make a healthy, tasty meal.  Instead of ordering pizza or maybe serving popcorn for dinner.  Despite my super stressful few days, I actually found the cooking experience somewhat relaxing.

My favorite part of this whole thing?  EATING it!  Seriously, these two meals were so good!   I think I need to run out to get some parsnips really soon!  Sometimes you need inspiration from others to get new ideas for new flavors.

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