Sriracha Deviled Eggs


I am back from the Ultimate Foodie Chicago Weekend.

My husband and I went to Chicago for a long weekend ( left the kiddos with my in laws).  We hit up some of the major foodie hot spots in the west loop.  ( Blackbird, and Sephia).

We also went to a friend’s wedding on the Loyola Campus.  It was wonderful food ALL weekend.  Bacon wrapped dates galore, Cauliflower Risotto, Liver Patte ( yes, liver patte).  and SO many more delectable bites.  I could go all day talking about everything amazing I ate.

But I am back in my normal life.  My Hidden Vegetable Sloppy Joe, Banana Ice Cream, and 5 cups of coffee life.  ( I think I will stay here, thanks) On my way home, I  sat in there in the car and strategized, on how I could make some of these fancy dishes at home.

And, although bacon wrapped dates, or chilled cucumber soup with a hint of duck fat probably wont become regulars in our weekly dinner rotation, that doesn’t mean I can’t make some simple dishes a bit more interesting.

egg4001 After making my Sriracha and Yogurt Crispy Chicken last month, I have started using the sriracha and Yogurt combo as a dipping agent for many food items.   Chicken, Fries, Salad, Veggies and enough to drive my husband nuts!

 Today, after the kiddos went to sleep I made myself one of my ” extravagant lunches” ( If you consider deviled eggs to be extravagant.  I have seen twists on the deviled egg appear in trendy restaurants now and then) 

I made 6 eggs and saved three of them for later ( tomorrow) 

Really though, these Siracha deviled eggs have only three ingredients and are spectacular. 


Sriracha and Greek Yogurt Deviled Eggs  This recipe is per 6 eggs


6 Hard Boiled Eggs

2 teaspoons of Greek Yogurt

2 teaspoons of Sriracha sauce 

* You may prefer more or less Sriracha sauce on your eggs.  Make the spice level in accordance with your taste preference 

1) Hard Boil 6 eggs  

2) Cut each Hard boiled egg in 1/2 and scoop out the yolk

3) Mix the Yolks with Sriracha sauce and Greek Yogurt 

4) Using a small cookie scoop, place the filling in each egg Yep. That’s it! egg1006 

I REALLY love mixing sriracha with yogurt. 

1) the yogurt really does calm down the sriracha sauce Just enough 

2) The sriracha and Greek Yogurt combo is tastefully guilt-free. 






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