Sweet Potato Chip Baked Chicken Fingers


I am going retro on you today!

See, I  found all these photos deep down in my computer that I thought I lost!  Including about 100 pictures I took of my older son last year a day or so before we moved out of our last house!  AND including photos from about 5 recipes that I really enjoyed and never posted!

I was really upset when I thought I lost these photos. ¬†I really have no idea how they magically appeared back in my photo program. ¬†I’ll take it! ( Hey, I have never been known to be¬†tech savvy)¬†

Before I became an ALDI-aholic.  The only item I ever purchased there were their Sweet Potato Chips.  I have always been a sweet potato chip lover.

And since, I love coating chicken with crunchy things and baking it, to make it taste like junk food.  It made total sense to make Sweet Potato Chip Crusted Chicken Fingers.

I actually made these chicken fingers in May 2013 when I was staying with my parents for a few weeks while we were waiting to move into our new house in Cedar Falls, Iowa.  My parents live in the Western Chicago Suburbs.  That is why there is a page of the Chicago tribune in these pictures. 



Sweet Potato Chip Chicken Fingers ( Serves 4-6 ) 


2 lbs of chicken breast- sliced into chicken strip sized pieces 

1 bag of sweet potato chips Рcrushed 

2 eggs

your favorite seasoning 


Put your sweet potato chips into a bowl and crush them.  Add your favorite seasoning to the chips.   Add both eggs in another bowl and whip them.   Set up a dipping station.  place each chicken piece into the egg mixture-followed by the sweet potato chip mixture.  Place each chicken finger onto a cookie sheet.   Bake at 400 degrees for 20 minutes. 


I also paired these wonderful crispy tenders with a homemade maple mustard dipping sauce.  To make  this mustard maple sauce mix Dijon mustard and maple syrup to your taste specifications then add a little plain yogurt for creaminess.

spchicken1000.jpg.jpg< Oh my Gawsh! these were so good!  I recall that my dad and brother Brad couldn't eat them fast enough!  I really need to make these again sometime soon.  My son, who is now twice as old would be all over this!


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