Peach and Almond Milkshake


What can I say?  Last week I purchased a new fancy blender.  And I am OBSESSED with it!   OBSESSED!

I had blended these healthy/frozen yogurt/ smoothie/ shakes in the $30.00 blender that I registered for when I got married 8 years ago.  It has been a wonderful blender, but I have been too hard on it.  Blending Handfuls of frozen fruit all stuck together n’such.  It was time to move on.

If you thought I was going a little overboard on healthy blender treats.  Well, I am afraid to tell you, that there will be more.

I have a list yay long of Blender ideas.   But I will try to space them out for your sanity. Okay?

Today, I had a small lunch ( picked off the leftover food from my toddler’s plate after he went down for a nap).  ( Yes. I just admitted that.)  So I decided to top it off with this healthy milkshake.  And yes, this milkshake is vegan.  I am not a vegan.  I do enjoy almond milk.


Healthy Peach Almond Milkshake 


1 cup of frozen peaches

1/4 cup of sliced bananas

1 cup of Almond Milk

1 small teaspoon of Almond Butter  (  I get my almond butter at ALDI.  It’s reasonable there)

1 tablespoon of natural vanilla extract

Just put all these ingredients into your blender.  and BLEND! 



Yes.  This was just as good as I hoped.  I will say, I think that Banana is totally necessary.  Also, if you don’t have almond milk, I SUPPOSE regular milk would be okay to use as well.

I hadn’t really ever thought about the almond-peach combo before.  I did a coconut milk-mango milkshake earlier this month. and it was way too sweet, so I knew it needed a change.  This flavor was much better!


Do you have a fancy blender?  What is your favorite blender treat?



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