Chia Squeeze Review and Giveaway!


This review and giveaway was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Mamma Chia. I was compensated for my participation in this campaign, but all opinions are 100% mine.

About three years ago, I was in a grocery store in Fairfield, Iowa and I discovered Chia seeds.   I was living about 20 minutes from Fairfield, Iowa, and LOVED visiting this awesome health food store called Everybody’s whole foods.  I picked up a Mamma Chia drink, not knowing what it was, and bought it, because I love trying new things. #Mammachiamagic

Like most people, I thought that the only use for chia seeds were for Chia pets 🙂

Since discovering chia seeds three years ago, my husband and I have become MUCH more health conscious.  Partly because,  we have had a few of different people, whom we care about dearly, get diagnosed with various medical conditions.  We have watched these people treat their conditions with healthy foods, including chia seeds.

The more reading we do, ( my husband and I ), the more we have realized how important healthy foods are to our overall well-being.

You can learn more health benefits of Chia seeds at the Mamma Chia website , on their Facebook Page or on The Mamma Chia Twitter Page. .   The Founder of Mamma Chia, Janie, shares an inspirational story of how eating healthy has healed her.

We, as a family, have gotten into the habit of including Chia seeds  with our breakfast.  We add them to smoothies, sprinkle them over yogurt, drink them with water, and bake them into muffins. 


When I discovered these Mamma Chia fruit smoothie pouches I was really excited!  It’s so refreshing when a company comes out with a product that isn’t overly processed.    Having these packets around will help immensely with my family’s breakfast’s in the morning.  

Before Mamma Chia sent me these packets to try, I had eaten before and enjoyed them.  BUT when I received this package in the mail from Mamma Chia, I was advised to put these fruit pouches in the fridge.  These pouches were REALLY refreshing when eaten cold.  It made me love them even more!

These Mamma Chia seed fruit pouches come in six wonderful flavors.  My husband, son and I,  sat down and tried them all.  Our favorite flavor was the Apple Cinnamon.  Followed closely by Wild Raspberry and Strawberry Banana.  


I  also attempted to make one of our  “Greek Yogurt Breakfast Sundaes” using these flavored Chia seed pouches.  Using these pouches in our “breakfast sundae’s”  will be a great way to ” switch up breakfast” on busy mornings. 


Mamma Chia logo with Bottles and Squeeze-thumb

In order to help Get the Word out about these wonderful fruit pouches,  I have partnered with Mamma Chia to help giveaway a Mamma Chia Prize pack.   This Prize pack Includes:

* One full bag each of Mamma Chia’s NEW black and white chia seeds.

* One week’s worth of Chia squeezes ( 7)

* One week of Chia beverage vouchers ( 7)

* One Copy of Janie’s new book Chia Vitality


Please enter below.  There are a few different ways each of you can enter!

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Good Luck!  And pick up some of these Fruit Pouches to try!



  1. Yum, these look tasty – I need to give one a try 🙂

  2. I would be so excited to try these great products!

  3. I have been wanting to try these!

  4. I would love to try these

  5. Those look really tasty and healthy! I’ve never seen them before at my grocery stores back in the states.

  6. Wild raspberry sounds really good. I’ve used chia seeds in baking but I’ve never seen them in a squeeze pouch before.

  7. Looks like an easy-to-use product! Thanks for sharing

  8. Wanderin Poet

    Wild Raspberry sounds delicious.

  9. i tried these once and they were wonderful

  10. I just saw those in Target. I have been wanting to try them.

  11. These look really good. I use chia seeds in so much, it would be nice to have them conveniently packaged.

  12. These look interesting! I bet my kids would love them.


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