Zoodles and Meatballs


You know what?  I have ALWAYS wanted to make Zoodles.  ( Zucchini Noodles) Ever since I saw them on Pinterest a million years ago. 

Unlike some people or professional food bloggers, I have not invested in many ” fancy kitchen gadgets”.  I don’t really have the space for them. Plus, I am organized like a right brained girl. ( I keep my art paint brushes in my silverware drawer, and I think it drives everyone else CRAZY!)  

 This means that owning less stuff works better for me.

 I really thought you would need one of those fancy ” Zoodle Makers”.  You know the ones. And I did buy one………but you know what?  My vegetable peeler worked better. MUCH better.

  How to Make Zoodles without fancy equipment.

  1.) Peel a zucchini Peel your zucchini with a basic vegetable peeler.  And once the it’s all peeled, keep peeling.  Every 10 or 20 noodles, put them into a pan. Not all the zoodles will be perfect looking, but they will taste REALLY good! 

zoodles3.jpg 2) Cook in boiling water for about 10 minutes. Best if you don’t cook them TOO long. You want your zoodles to be al dente, like pasta. If they are too mushy, they will fall apart. zoodles4.jpg 

3) Rinse in cold water  When I was attempting this, I kind of wondered if this step was necessary.  Of course, I didn’t exactly look online or anything to see what I should do.  ( I should have done that).  In the end, I decided to rinse the cooked zoodles in cold water.  I wanted to stop the cooking process, to keep them from getting mushy.

  4) Dry them.  REALLY REALLY well. That’s the thing.  If you rinse the zoodles in all this cold water, then they’re all wet.  I took a few clean dish towels and dried them carefully, as to not to smash them too much.  But nobody wants wet noodles or zoodles. zoodles7 Turned out pretty didn’t they?  Ironically, the pretty noodles that have the green from the skin were not as tasty as the noodles that were just the light green from the middle.   zoodles11.jpg We ate them for dinner with meatballs and parmesan cheese.  Even small fry ate them. zoodles100.jpg.jpg



  1. Those are beautiful noodles!! Yum.

  2. These look great! Thank you for all the great tips, and the step by step instructions!

  3. I’ve always wanted to try these but I didn’t want to buy one of those expensive gadgets. I love that you figured out how to do it with just a vegetable peeler. Now I’m definitely going to try it 🙂

  4. That is so interesting. I never knew about this. They are not mushy?

  5. I love this! I am going to pass this to my sister in law and see if she would want to try it! Thank you for sharing!

  6. Don Purdum

    That looks fabulous! We have a lot of zucchini in the garden. Thanks for the recipe and the inspiration!!

  7. I have never heard of zoodles and meatballs this looks amazing.. I can’t wait to try and make them

  8. Oh so that’s what they are called. I saw this kind of noodles but I’m clueless that it’s the Zucchini. I haven’t tried this vegetables before but based on the photo it looks good.

  9. omg! this looks so fun and yummy! i am trying my best to eat more veggies this past few days and i guess i must try this one soon

  10. Jessica Peeling

    I never thought of using zucchini in this way, but it is one of my favorite veggies. Thanks for the idea!

  11. I love the look of these. I did buy a spiraliser, although I’ve not yet used it.

  12. Wow! This is creative cooking. Using a simple peeler and transforming Zuchini into noodles… Hats off


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