Mini Banana Smores


Mini Banana Smores are an easy and fun treat to make when you just need a “little sweet treat”.   Plus, they are a great dessert to make with your kids. 

  Welp, I am a single parent again this week.  My hubby is in Switzerland for 3 days.  It’s not so bad.  You see:

 1) I have great kids.

 2) It’s beautiful outside and there is A lot to play 🙂 – Imagination has taken over my backyard. There are Jungles, Racetracks, Restaurants, Kitchens, and even a Starbucks where E likes to pretend to be my barista!  

On Sunday night, before Greg left, we turned dessert into a family activity.  We had our two year-old son sit at the counter and we put these together.  It was fun.  He thought it was special, AND it was just the perfect touch of dessert.  I find myself making dessert with Bananas often.  Us mom’s of toddlers seem to have an abundance of bananas around.  At least I do. smore1 

No Fancy ingredient here.  Just a Banana, some chocolate and mini marshmellows. smore4 

On a baking sheet, lay out the sliced bananas.  On 1/2 the bananas, place a piece of chocolate.  On 1/2 the bananas, place a mini marshmellow.  One banana slice with chocolate with sandwich together with one banana slice that has a marshmellow.  Get it?smore9 

These little darlings are so adorable!  You can have more than just 1!  you can have three! ( okay, I had like 6). smore10 

As you can see, E enjoyed them.  Hey, I didn’t say they weren’t a little messy!smore12 

By the way, After bedtime. Round two just for Greg and I  TOTALLY happened.  We added peanut butter!




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