DIY Healthy Strawberry Milk


A few years back, The Food Revolution with Jamie Oliver aired on T.V.  My husband and I watched every episode, then decided we would do what we could to make healthy choices for our future children.  ( We had no kids at this time). But you know what?  getting kids to eat and drink healthy is HARD! We had an especially hard time getting our oldest to drink white milk.  And, sometimes resorted to things like sugary chocolate.( I know) Watch this video- Learn that processed chocolate and strawberry milk actually has more sugar than soda pop! 


But then, Greg and I started experimenting  with different fruits, blending them into E’s milk to get him to like it.  Turns out, by blending a small amount of fruit in the milk, he started drinking it. DIY strawberry milk is SUPER easy to make, it had NO added sugar, AND E guzzles it down! DIY Strawberry Milk Ingredients  1-2 small strawberry per 1 cup of milk. .. Yes. that is it! 


Strawberry Milk is Easy to make! You just add the two ingredients in a blender….and blend! Optional: Adding a bit of natural vanilla extract or almond extract may give the milk a bit more depth. milk5 

It’s so darn easy to make! 


I just filled his Cars sippy cup and served it! Don’t have strawberries?  Try a few banana slices or a few peach slices.  E loves those flavors too!





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